11 European City Break destinations you should visit

City breaks have always been a nice, short holiday that people have enjoyed, however now that flight prices have become cheaper and new flight routes have been established, the number of cities you are able to go to in just a long weekend has increased and has become a very popular holiday choice for many.

It is therefore not surprising that city breaks are consistently on the rise. Alongside cheaper flights, the increase in the range of accommodation to suit any budget means that city breaks can be reasonably affordable even in some of the world's most expensive cities. With the majority of the cities having local festivals, great public transport and restaurants and bars open until late, it is possible to fit in a week's worth of activities in just a few days, making the most of your short break. Here we discuss some of the most popular city breaks and what they have to offer.

1. Barcelona

There are so many things to love about this city. From the weather, which is nice for the majority of the year, to the blend of city and beach that makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a mixture of city experiences and relaxing near the sea.

The architecture is stunning and full of vibrant colour. It is easy to reach from the majority of airlines, making this city extremely accessible. It is also easy to access other places in Spain from Barcelona if you wanted to team your city break with a longer beach holiday.

Must Sees: La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Camp Nou Stadium

2. Paris

With brilliant exhibitions, lovely restaurants and cafes, there is so much to fall in love with in Paris and you can see why it is a favourite for romantic breaks. One of the best things is that you do not have to fly there. Travelling using the Eurostar or ferry allows you to get to this great city in barely no time at all!

Must Sees: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Luxembourg Gardens

3. Berlin

Berlin is known for its vibrant nightlife, but the city has so much more to offer than that. Great shops, great restaurants and great attractions to visit will fill up a long weekend easily. Yes, there are references to the city's past, but they blend it in well with their modern day living as a reminder of their past, but they do not dwell on it. This is a city that you should experience because of its culture. The city is also reasonably priced which people sometimes have a misconception about.

Must Sees: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, TV Tower

4. Rome

Rome is a stunning city where you will find amazing architecture around every corner. Whether you go down the tiny side streets or spend your time in the beautiful open piazzas, you will always find something to look at and experience. Anyone interested in ancient history has to visit Rome. The Colosseum and the Forum are steeped in history and are spectacular to witness with your own eyes.

Must Sees: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, The Vatican

5. Prague

Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic that can rival other stunning cities like Paris. There is so much to see and do on a visit to Prague. With world famous beers to try, amazing festivals to visit and markets to explore, a long weekend will go extremely quick. You can also see the largest castle complex in the world that dates back the 9th century. On top of all this, Prague currently remains one of the cheapest European capital cities to visit.

Must Sees: The Old Town Square, St Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge

6. Copenhagen

Denmark's capital city has a lot to offer. It is both trendy and charming at the same time. Once you are in the city there is a range of public transport to choose from. One third of inhabitants in Copenhagen cycle to work or school, so hiring a bike is a great way to explore the city. The people of Denmark have been voted some of the friendliest people in the world which will add to the joy of your stay. The city focuses on sustainability wherever possible which is clear to see, and although they are modern in their green efforts there are many royal castles, historical buildings, old streets and museums for you to visit to explore the city's past.

Must Sees: The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Trivoli gardens

7. Budapest

A beautiful skyline, great nightlife and steeped in history, there is something for everyone in Budapest.

The nightlife in the city is famous. Whether you are visiting one of the many night clubs, partying at a thermal bath or drinking in one of their ruined pubs, there is a lot to see in the city when the sun goes down.

The history is fascinating as it was first settled during the Roman times but wasn't until 1872 that the city that we know today was founded, and it was originally three different settlements of Obuda, Buda and Pest. The city has suffered the effects of World War I and World War II as well as being under a Communist regime. This extensive interesting history can be discovered in many historic sites and museums that are a must to visit. More great things about the city is the range of amazing food, breath-taking views and sites, with some of the best being free, and the fact that there are loads of green spaces nearby to relax in.

Must Sees: Parliament Building, Gellert Baths, Margaret Island

8. Dubrovnik

Even if you are not a fan of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is a stunning place to visit. Walk the city walls for amazing views of the city. Expect amazing markets, good festivals, and fantastic restaurants with stunning views. Finding a great beach to relax on is easy as well.

Must Sees: City Walls, Cable Car, Dubrovnik Cathedral

9. Amsterdam

Full of historic buildings and amazing museums, Amsterdam is a great city to visit and is easy to get to from the UK. Whether you explore the city on foot, by bike or by boat, you will be able to explore its beauty, its pleasant atmosphere, great shops and amazing food.

Must Sees: Canal Cruise, Anne Frank's House, Vondelpark

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great city to visit. It is home to some of the biggest festivals in the world including the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, and the city is full of amazing sites to visit such as the iconic Edinburgh Castle which majestically looks over the city. Walk down the Royal Mile, which is the main street of the city and has plenty for you to see. The food scene in Edinburgh is amazing with a mixture of cuisines available from around the world. If you fancy a great view of the city, you can go up to Arthur's Seat which is a dormant volcano. Although it looks quite daunting, it is a relatively easy climb and the panoramic views are worth it.

Must Sees: Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, Arthur's Seat

11. London

Sometimes you do not need to travel far from home and the UK has some amazing cities. The largest and most popular of course is our capital. Whatever the time of year you go, there are a lot of events on which means you do not have to be dependent on the weather being glorious. Amazing shopping, historical landmarks, great museums and a brilliant range of food means you will always find something new. Although accommodation in the centre of the city is expensive, London is a destination you should visit and experience at least once.

Must Sees: A West End play, Harrods, the River Thames, Camden

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