5 speedy cleaning tips for each room of the house

Don't worry, we understand. When you've had a long week at work the last thing you want to do with your weekend is spend it cleaning up after everyone else. Chores like emptying wash baskets, cleaning toilets and hoovering the carpet are all easy enough but they take up time which could be better spent doing the things you enjoy.

In this guide we're going to provide you with some well kept secrets for cleaning each room of your home. We'll provide you with five hidden cleaning hacks for each room that you might not know about but could save you heaps of time.

A word of caution

Before we get started - it's important to give yourself strict guidelines to work to.

Most importantly you should try not to get sidetracked. Yes, that means no checking Facebook or uploading sneaky selfies in your marigolds – you need to stay focused!

Prepare yourself for the job. Have a walk around the house before you begin and make notes as to what jobs need doing. This will help you know which cleaning products you'll need.

The Kitchen

  • Begin by gathering up all your cutlery and tools that might need cleaning. You need to clear the decks before you can wipe surfaces and sweep the floor.
  • Don't waste time battling with heavily soiled dishes. Run some piping hot water into your sink and let them soak for a few minutes. When you come back they'll be much easier to clean.
  • Dishwashers are a time saver but you aren't limited to only washing cutlery. You can give brushes, drain catchers and sponges a good rinse too.
  • Don't underestimate the power of clean towels. They are a classic way of making your kitchen appear fresh.
  • The best way to keep your kitchen cleaning simple is good housekeeping. Have a set of tasks that you complete every time you cook, such as washing up cutlery. Next, set tasks that you will complete every week such as mopping the floor or wiping the cabinets and then less regular ones such as cleaning the fridge or the oven.

The Bathroom

  • Start by getting rid of rubbish. Empty bins and laundry baskets and get rid of any odds and ends like empty toothpaste tubes, cotton buds or old soap bars
  • Use a window cleaner to banish greasy finger prints and de-fog your mirror. If you don't have any window cleaner then you could also use shaving cream. Rub the cream in with a paper towel and then wipe away with a fresh dampened paper towel
  • Squirt, scrub, soak– the three essential steps to cleaning your toilet. A routine clean of this kind with Domestos or a similar product should help keep germs at bay
  • To clean your shower faucet leave it to soak in a bag of vinegar overnight. Use a sponge or squeegee to clean the shower door before rinsing clean
  • Sinks can harbour lots of grime from toothpaste to hair and general dirt. Use an all purpose cleaner and rinse in the usual way.

The Living Room

  • Do an initial sweep, clearing out anything that doesn't belong in the living room like cutlery
  • Light background music or radio can help you stay motivated but don't lose focus
  • If you have a ceiling fan then try using a pillow case to clear dust - slip it over the blade and then pull it away. By using a pillow case you avoid any dust falling to the floor
  • Lint rollers are a handy cleaning tool to de-fluff any fabric items such as lampshades
  • Our TVs are often the centre piece of our living rooms. Make sure your TV is off at the mains, then take a microfiber cloth and some screen cleaner. Spray and then wipe away - simple as that. If you don't have any screen cleaner then try a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water.

The Bedroom

  • A well organised wardrobe is the key to a tidy bedroom. Arrange your clothes by type and colour so that you can quickly pick out what you need to wear. Consider having a separate place for clothes which are off-season and which you only wear a few months of the year - this can save you space in the long run
  • Utilize any out of sight storage space. Under the bed is often a good place to store bed-linen, sportswear and other non essential items
  • Make the most of wall space by using bookshelves and wall cubes for storage
  • Avoid washing your sheets in the same load as towels. Towels leave behind a lot of lint and the roughness of the material can wear down your sheets over time
  • Another tip for keeping your bedroom organised is to banish work. No books, notepads or laptops allowed!

Other tips

Baking soda is your best friend when it comes to cleaning. Here are some of its unexpected uses:

  • Store a box inside kitchen cupboards to keep away foul odours
  • Lightly sprinkle the bottom of your kitchen bin before you place a bag inside to keep it smelling fresh
  • Use it as a makeshift surface cleaner on your kitchen tops and appliances
  • Clean grease from your hairbrushes and combs with a mix of soda and water
  • Sprinkle some soda on your dog and then brush it away to remove any 'wet dog' smell
  • Sprinkle baking soda on your sponge with some warm water to remove food stains from plastic Tupperware
  • You can also use baking soda for a cleaning boost - mix it in with your regular detergent for brighter washes

White vinegar is another handy product for cleaning that almost all of us have stored away in our cupboards. Here are some unexpected handy uses in household cleaning:

  • Get rid of carpet stains by leaving a mix of vinegar and baking soda on a carpet stain overnight before hoovering it away
  • Use a spray of vinegar around your bathroom to blast away germs, leave for a moment and then wipe away with a cloth
  • Remove paint from your paint brushes by soaking them for a couple of hours in vinegar
  • Boil a cup of water and vinegar solution in your microwave until you see steam droplets on the window, this will help wipe away any grease and food residue inside
  • Not getting the results you want from your dishwasher? Add some white vinegar to the bottom of your washer for an extra shine
  • If you have furniture with old stickers that you would like to remove then you can soak them with vinegar to aid the peeling process

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