Get my weekly cleaning and ironing done and it’s such a big help. Reliable and affordable cleaning. 

Ben L14

Love my cleaning lady nothing is too much trouble. House is so clean when I get home from work. I can just put my feet up and relax. Great cleaning service. 

Ruth L19

Love my cleaner Niki she is an absolute superstar. Nothing is too much trouble and love coming home on a Friday evening to a fresh and clean house. So happy I made the call to get the help with my cleaning needs.

Stephen L36

Great cleaner and get my shirts ironed for work too.

Steve L5

Could not explain how happy I am that I finally decided to get a house cleaner. Wish I would of done it sooner. So professional from start to finish. Great cleaning company and affordable too. 

Pauline L10

Absolutely love my cleaning lady. So reliable and love coming home to a fresh clean house and all my ironing done too!!

Cath L4

Really pleased with my cleaner, such a lovely friendly lady and really good at her job!! My house is spotless when I come home. 

Betty L19

Great cleaning company, Affordable and reliable!!

Barry L8

No more weekends cleaning. So happy with my cleaning lady she’s really friendly and reliable. 

So happy I finally got a cleaner!! My home is spotless when I come home from work. 

Ben L17

Thanks for getting in touch. Our feedback is that we are very happy with Roberta, who does a good job, and is fine when I ask her to do things that aren’t needing to be done very often (e.g. cobwebs hidden under alcove in sitting room!). She must have been coming here for a year or more now, and it is all very smooth. She gets on with the work and is always on time. We hope she stays for some time to come.

Tetsworth, OX9
Liz & Eddie Newell
Time For You Thame

All good with our cleaner, thank you for checking.

OM, Tiddington, OX9
Liz & Eddie Newell
Time For You Thame

Our cleaner, Roberta, is great thank you!

Anon, Thame, OX9
Liz & Eddie Newell
Time For You Thame

I am very happy with the cleaner you found for me and she is managing to clean all that is required. 

Liz Huntingdon January 2018

Time For You Huntingdon

No more weekends spent cleaning. Love coming home on a Friday to a spotlessly clean home where I can relax after a hard week at work. Great reliable and affordable cleaning service. Would highly recommend. 

Siobhan L18

Great cleaner and great price 

Benjamin L17

So happy with the cleaning service. Very professional and reliable from the start. Great cleaner and very thorough. 


Great reliable cleaner. Would highly recommend 

Gary L8

So happy with my cleaner. So friendly and reliable. Love coming home to a fresh clean house after a hard day at work. Don’t know what I’d do without her. Such a big help and affordable too. 

Barbra L19

So happy with my cleaning lady!! House is spotless when I come home from work. Would highly recommended.