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If you're looking for a regular cleaning service in the Dandenong, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Noble Park, Keysborough and Doveton than you have come to the right place.

The Dandenong, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Noble Park, Keysborough and Doveton area is currently looking for a new manager. If you would like more information about our fantastic franchise opportunities in this area (or any other areas), visit our Franchise Opportunities webpage.

We can help you setup a business structure to arrange a fully vetted cleaner, who has been interviewed, referenced and police checked in their own home. If you want a regular weekly clean or a fortnightly clean then you have plenty of options available and we have home cleaners available to start cleaning for you right away.

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Dandenong, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Doveton, Keysborough, Melbourne, Noble Park, Noble Park South

3173, 3174, 3175, 3177

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Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, approximately 30 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district. Situated on the Dandenong Creek, it is at the foothill of the Dandenong Ranges.

It began as a township in 1852 and at the start of the 20th century was an important regional city with its own suburbs. During the mid-20th century it became a major metropolitan manufacturing and commercial area and conurbation of Greater Melbourne.  In 2014, Dandenong had an estimated population of 29,000 residents. This suburb features high levels of migrant settlement and cultural diversity.


Prior to the European settlement of Australia, the flat to undulating land was densely forested with red gum and was inhabited by the Woiwurrung Indigenous Australian tribe.

The name is generally thought to be derived from the Woiwurrung word "Tanjenong" meaning "lofty mountains" possibly referring to the nearby Dandenong ranges. 

Joseph Hawdon established a pastoral run on Narra Narrawong in 1837, bringing cattle from Sydney by land. Soon a few timber cutters and a police camp were also located there. Dandenong Post Office opened on 1 July 1848. By 1850, the whole area had been taken up for grazing. Dandenong Creek was first bridged in 1840. A road was made from Melbourne, making Dandenong, by the late 1850s, an important staging post for travellers into Gippsland. It became known as the 'gateway to Gippsland'.  By 1861, there were 40 houses in the township housing 193 people. In 1866, Dandenong Market commenced trading, selling livestock, fruit, dairy products and other farm produce. Dandenong Shire was proclaimed in 1873. The Australian Handbook records the progress of the town by 1875.


Dandenong according to Census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Dandenong is 32 years of age.

30.4% of people living in the suburb of Dandenong were born in Australia.

27.2% of people living in Dandenong speak English only. 

Keysborough according to Census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Keysborough is 37 years of age.

45.1% of people living in the suburb of Keysborough were born in Australia.

39.7% of people living in Keysborough speak English only.

Noble Park according to Census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Noble Park is 35 years of age.

37.7% of people living in the suburb of Noble Park were born in Australia.

36.8% of people living in Noble Park speak English only.

Doveton according to Census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Doveton is 34 years of age.

44.7% of people living in the suburb of Doveton were born in Australia.

46.8% of people living in Doveton speak English only. 

Dwellings by Postcode

Postcode 3173 3174 3175 3177
Dwellings 6560 13986 18438 4047

Note: Dwellings count is from the Census 2011

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