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3000, 3002, 3003, 3006, 3008

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Melbourne City Centre (sometimes referred to as "Central City", and colloquially known as simply "The City" or "The CBD") is an area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the area in which Melbourne was established in 1835, by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner, and its boundaries are defined by the Government of Victoria's Melbourne Planning Scheme. Today it comprises the two oldest areas of Melbourne; the Hoddle Grid and Queen Victoria Market, as well as sections of the redeveloped areas of Docklands and Southbank/South Wharf.

It is the core central activities district (CAD) of Melbourne's inner suburbs and the major central business district (CBD) of Greater Melbourne's metropolitan area, and is a major financial centre in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The Hoddle Grid in the City Centre is home to Melbourne's famed alleyways and arcades and is renowned for its distinct blend of contemporary and Victorian architecture as well as expansive parks and gardens which surround its edges.


In April 1835, John Batman, a prominent grazier and a member of the Geelong and Dutigalla Association (later Port Phillip Association) sailed from Launceston on the island of Van Diemen's Land (now the State of Tasmania), aboard the schooner Rebecca, in search of fresh grazing land in the south-east of the Colony of New South Wales (the mainland Australian continent). He sailed across Bass Strait, into the bay of Port Phillip, and arrived at the mouth of the Yarra River in May.

Upon returning to Van Diemen's Land, Batman's treaty was deemed invalid by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Richard Bourke, under the Proclamation of Governor Bourke in August 1835. It was the belief of Governor Bourke, as well as the Governor of Van Diemen's Land, Sir George Arthur, that the Aboriginal people did not have any official claims to the lands of the Australian continent. The proclamation formally declared, under the doctrine of terra nullius, that The Crown owned the whole of the Australian continent and that only it alone could sell and distribute land. It therefore voided any contracts or treaties made without the consent of the government, and declared any person attempting to rely on such a treaty to be trespassing. However, at the time the proclamation was being drawn up, a prominent businessman from Van Diemen's Land, John Pascoe Fawkner, had also funded an expedition to the area; which sailed from George Town aboard the schooner Enterprize. At the same time, the Port Phillip Association had also funded a second expedition; which sailed from Launceston aboard the Rebecca.

In March 1837, it was officially renamed "Melbourne" by Governor Bourke in honour of the British Prime Minister of the day, William Lamb (the Lord Melbourne).


Melbourne according to census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Melbourne is 28 years of age.

28.0% of people living in the suburb of Melbourne were born in Australia.

40.0% of people living in Melbourne speak English only.

East Melbourne according to census 2011

The median/average age of the people in East Melbourne is 36 years of age.

62.1% of people living in the suburb of East Melbourne were born in Australia. 

76.0% of people living in East Melbourne speak English only.

West Melbourne according to census 2011

The median/average age of the people in West Melbourne is 30 years of age.

49.1% of people living in the suburb of West Melbourne were born in Australia. 

50.2% of people living in West Melbourne speak English only.

Southbank according to census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Southbank is 29 years of age.

35.0% of people living in the suburb of Southbank were born in Australia.

49.9% of people living in Southbank speak English only. 

Docklands according to census 2011

The median/average age of the people in Docklands is 31 years of age.

36.3% of people living in the suburb of Docklands were born in Australia.

48.2% of people living in Docklands speak English only.

Dwellings by Postcodes

Postcodes 3000 3002 3003 3006 3008
Dwellings 13257 2908 1773 7115 3563

Note: Dwellings count is from Census 2011

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