Here at Time For You, we love getting reviews from our highly valued customers and clients. The reason we exist as a business is to help people, to make more "Time For You" to enjoy life, rather than having to spend it cleaning your house. It therefore makes us very proud when we see reviews saying how happy our clients are with the domestic cleaning service we are providing them. Below are some of our recent client reviews that we are delighted to have received.

 Kellie did a wonderful job cleaning our house and I was very pleased with her work. 

She got through the whole house in the allocated time and did a thorough job. 

Rachel - Beaconsfield

From the moment I met Lynda (Time For You Berwick) I felt very comfortable and sure this was the right cleaning company for me to work in partnership with.  During my short time with Time For You Berwick I have built up my clients to a level I'm happy with all while working within school hours which helps me have the work/family balance I need.

Lynda has been a great support from the start, very professional and organised, I always feel valued and respected member of her team and only have good things to say.

I would recommend Time For You Berwick to anyone in the cleaning industry looking for flexible, reliable and local work.

Kylie - Cleaner

I love love love Stephanie, her style of cleaning is brilliant.

Steph is punctual, reliable, level headed and shows initiative when necessary.

Nothing is too much trouble even though sometimes my home can be like a train station, all coming and going. 

Shirley - Berwick

We are very happy with Kylie cleaning our home.

She's enthusiastic, keen and nice to have around for a chat. 

Priya - Upper Beaconsfield

I'm very happy with Vicki cleaning my home, she is fitting in really well, is doing a great job and is very flexible.

Aaron - Naree Warren

My experience as a cleaner with Time For Time You Cleaning Berwick has been fantastic, especially in my circumstance with a school age child.

I would highly recommend Lynda as her communication and her running of the business is fantastic as she takes the time to really match the client with suitable cleaner. 

Cleaning with Time For You Berwick is the perfect opportunity for mothers looking to return to work .

I really have to thank Lynda for what she has done for me and my family. 

We are very happy with Kerry cleaning our house. 

She seems to achieve a little bit more every fortnight and has done everything we've discussed. 

Jess - Berwick

We have no issues with Kellie cleaning our home, she is friendly and easily contactable.

It’s the little things that make a difference, Kellie will bring our bins in or fold washing if she has time.

And as a busy working Mum I really appreciate it.  We are very happy.

Rachel - Cranbourne North

Hardeep is doing a very good job of cleaning our home. 

She's always on time and keeps me informed about little things around the house.

Many thanks for your service .

Michaella - Berwick

We are very satisfied with Simone cleaning our house.

She is also very easy going and trustworthy

Angela - Berwick

Donna is doing a great job cleaning our house, we are very pleased with her work :-) 

It is so nice having that extra time on the weekends to not have to think about cleaning!

Ainsley - Berwick

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Belinda cleaning our home.

She does a great job, is efficient and asks for feedback, which I appreciate.

Sometimes I spend time with her when she arrives in the morning, do a couple of jobs myself, and we manage to have a catch up and chat about life, footy, kids etc.

Belinda is a very lovely person.

Annette - Edithvale 3196

Simone did a fantastic job cleaning our house, we  are very happy with her work.

This is such a great service.

Alan - Berwick

Great clean done by Odol today - very happy

Nicole - Mt Waverley 3149
Peter & Russell
Time For You Waverley

Rapt with the house cleaning from Belinda today. When I got home, the house looked like a hotel room

Carmen - Mordialloc 3195

I am very happy with Simone as my house cleaner.

She is always on time and her style of cleaning is very good.

Stanya - Clyde North

Stephanie did an amazing job cleaning the house.

Thank-you for finding someone great!

Simone - Berwick

I am very happy with Michelle cleaning my house, she does a great job! 

I have had to change times once or twice and it has been easy to negotiate with her. 

Overall I am a very happy customer - thank you.

Sam - Pakenham

Things are going well with Pamela and I am very happy with her cleaning my home.

She is very conscientious and likes to check things with me beforehand.

Sherie - Narre warren South

I am so happy with Tracey, she is my cleaning angel .

She always does anything extra that she thinks needs doing  and writes in the communication book with her hours and exactly what she has done for the day .

I could not recommend her highly enough .  10 out of 10

Vicki - Endeavour Hills