Here at Time For You, we love getting reviews from our highly valued customers and clients. The reason we exist as a business is to help people, to make more "Time For You" to enjoy life, rather than having to spend it cleaning your house. It therefore makes us very proud when we see reviews saying how happy our clients are with the domestic cleaning service we are providing them. Below are some of our recent client reviews that we are delighted to have received.

Dee is a fantastic cleaner, very happy with her style

Steph - Cranbourne

I’m very happy with Val and her cleaning - she does a great job and is very efficient.  Her communication skills are excellent and can be relied upon each week.

Renae - Berwick

I am more than happy with Alby’s cleaning of my home.

I would highly recommend her to anyone asking.

Donna - Hallam

Things with Katrina are going well.

Her communication is great and I am happy with her style of cleaning.

Mohiene - Narre Warren

I just want to let you know Kujtesa is fantastic!! 

She is a really brilliant cleaner.

So happy with how the house is looking

Tanya - Berwick

Mum is really pleased with the work Amy has been doing. Amy has always been easy to communicate with and very understanding of mum’s needs. Mum is happy to continue with the 2 hours per fortnight arrangement.

Anne, 3198

We are both happy with Jo and communication is great, thanks

Kevin, 3199

Peta was awesome, she was here for 2 hours, she did what was needed and I'm very happy with her cleaning in our home. Thank you 

Kelli, 3199

It was a very good start - Nadine was punctual, exceptionally thorough and quite respectful of us as a family, so I’m really happy.

So all in all a really favourable first impression and I really hope it continues in the same vein.

Ghadir, 3939

We couldn’t be happier with Bianca. She does an incredible job and is a wonderfully kind and intelligent person. We adore her of course. 

Emma, 3199

Kylie is great, we like having her clean our home

Danni - Berwick

We are very happy with Stephanie.  She is thorough and accommodating to our needs

Christine - Berwick

Nikki is fantastic! Best cleaner I’ve had

Aaron - Narre Warren

Donna is a great cleaner and a very lovely lady. I am very happy with Donna's work. She is fantastic and very reIiable!

Denise - Berwick

We are very happy with Glenda! She does a beautiful job cleaning our house and is always very happy you adapt around us.

Leanne - Narre warren

Lea is lovely, listens well and understood what I needed. I was very impressed with the house when I came home

Hollie - Berwick

We are very happy. Liss is great, very diligent and thorough

Deb - Berwick

Katherine is fantastic.

I’m very happy that you have allocated her to our home!

Peter - Cranbourne North

Very happy with Nicole. She has a real eye for detail. 

Thanks so much for recommending her. 

Karen - Berwick

Britney is awesome. She is always accommodating to anything we want done and is the best cleaner you've sent us!

Very organised and pedantic. Please let her know how much we appreciate her.

Peter - Berwick