Here at Time For You, we love getting reviews from our highly valued customers and clients. The reason we exist as a business is to help people, to make more "Time For You" to enjoy life, rather than having to spend it cleaning your house. It therefore makes us very proud when we see reviews saying how happy our clients are with the domestic cleaning service we are providing them. Below are some of our recent client reviews that we are delighted to have received.

My mum is very happy with Sara's cleaning, thank you for recommending her

Terry - Cranbourne

Simone is a lovely cleaner.  She is friendly and does a great job.

Christine - Officer

Kristy does an excellent job cleaning our home, we are so happy with her help.

Wendy - Pakenham

Time For You Domestic Cleaning are supportive and flexible ... Care and attention is given to all parties in the process of providing an outstanding service!

It is a pleasure to work in the team and I would recommend this company to potential clients and cleaners. 

Sarah, 3199

I have been subcontracting with Time for You for a couple of months.  It's a very easy set up with local clients who are lovely and hours to suit me.  Emma and Lynda at TFY have been very supportive from the start.  I really enjoy the work.

Leanne, 3199

I have worked for Time For You Cleaning for 8 months. I have worked for several other cleaning companies over the years & this company is 100% supportive of its staff. Emma is a down-to-earth, understanding & compassionate boss who puts her workers first. 

Tina, 3201

I’ve been working for Emma at Time For You Cleaning for approximately 9 months.

I've found the freedom I needed in working for Time For You Cleaning. I love the flexibility to work at the times that suites my circumstances and Time For You Cleaning has made that possible.

Emma has supported me throughout this experience. She's kind, caring and a joy to work with

My work-life balance has greatly improved since I started working at Time For You Cleaning

We are very happy with Jo cleaning our house, thank you. She does a great job and we never have any issues.

Andrea, 3199

Very happy with the floor and bathroom clean - they were sparkling. I didn’t realise Amy reorganised the whole linen cupboard - amazing job very pleased

Sarah, 3199

Mum is very pleased with Amy and the way she cleans her house.

Anne, 3198

Kathryn has been good, she's very thorough when cleaning our house, and eager to please.

Jennifer, 3931

Bianca is absolutely lovely and we are very happy to have her helping us with the house; it is already making such a difference having that support back with the cleaning etc

Julia, 3931

No issues to report, Jo is doing a great job and the communication book is working well.

Kevin, 3199

It is great being a cleaner with Time For You. I am able to choose which days and times suit me the best. Time For You then found a number of cleaning jobs options that worked for me and my family. I recommend anyone that wants to work a few hours a day to contact Time For You to see how they can help.

Mary - Shepparton - 3660

We have been very happy with Jo’s cleaning at our home. She is easy to communicate with, works very hard and has high standards

Carole is fantastic. She does an amazing job cleaning our house and is always so lovely whenever we do pop home when she is cleaning.

Imogen, 3926

I am very happy with Rhiannon and her style of cleaning.

Rhonda, 3910

We are very happy with Jo in all aspects. She does a fabulous job cleaning our house.

Linda, 3199

Jo is awesome and we are really happy with her. There is nothing about the cleaning I would change and she is a great communicator. She is like part of our family which is important when you are trusting someone to come into your house, especially if you are not home. 

I have to say that I’m VERY IMPRESSED with the way this business is run. From the friendly and professional communication to the detail in the email (well put together and nothing left out) and the administration side of things, it seems like a very well-oiled machine. It sounds like a company that I would be proud to work for and I will be recommending Time For You to anyone who is looking for work or domestic cleaning.

Fionna, 3199