Here at Time For You, we love getting reviews from our highly valued customers and clients. The reason we exist as a business is to help people, to make more "Time For You" to enjoy life, rather than having to spend it cleaning your house. It therefore makes us very proud when we see reviews saying how happy our clients are with the domestic cleaning service we are providing them. Below are some of our recent client reviews that we are delighted to have received.

We are extremely happy with Colleen. She is a lovely person, honest and trustworthy and  she has a conscientious work ethic. She gets everything done in the time frame and is always helpful. Thank you for recommending Colleen to us.

Irene, 3199

Very pleased with the service provided. All cleaning tasks are completed competently and we have hired on an ongoing basis. Would recommend Time For You to others.

Karen, 3910

Very happy with Kylie and pleased she will be coming back in a fortnight

Andrea, 3934

Thanks for sending Kylie, she seems really lovely, caring to the puppies and a wonderful attitude to her job

Anne, 3199

Kathy is a great cleaner, I'm very very happy with her. Thanks so much!

Shashi, 3926

Hi Justine, Connie is great!

I am really enjoying having her clean the house - she is a diligent worker who leaves little surprises that makes me feel very special - simple things like folding towels in a certain way etc.

No complaints at all - very happy with what she is able to achieve in the time.

Loving having my Saturday mornings back!!!

Jill - Park Orchards 3114

Supportive management. A great cleaning job with fantastic clients.

Danielle, Mt Helen

Fantastic cleaner. The house looks amazing. 10/10

Emma, Ballarat 3350

They do a terrific job keeping our house clean. Great experienced cleaners.

Chris, Ballarat 3350

A great cleaning company to work for, giving me the ability to work around my kids. Reliable and friendly.

Andee, Ballarat 3350

I think Colleen will be a perfect fit. She 's lovely and I was very pleased with the clean.

Michelle, 3199

Emma, everything is going swimmingly. We LOVE Collleen , she is wonderful.

Laura, 3934

Donna was very good.

Lovely lady who worked efficiently and effectively.

Denise - Berwick

Time for me indeed!

Thank-you Justine for allocating Connie to clean our home. Our busy life schedules have meant that the cleaning was more neglected than I wanted it to be. Now we have the amazing Connie, who comes in efficiency plus,  is always punctual, polite, organised and makes our home sparkle so we can focus on other aspects. The whole process of working together with Time For You Ringwood Domestic Cleaning and you putting the exact right person in our home to help us has been very rewarding. Thank-you from a very grateful busy home!

Tanya - Vermont South 3133

The cleaner is very understanding and helpful with getting the extra things done to free up time. They do a great job as well, very thorough with their cleaning.

Louise - MacArthur park 3352

The cleaner is very hard working and trustworthy, I have no regrets in choosing Time For You domestic cleaning. They are a delight to deal with. I highly recommend.

Mark - Ballarat 3350

The cleaner is great, very thorough with the cleaning they do. Best choice I have made to have someone help me with the cleaning tasks.

Felicity - Newlyn

A great domestic cleaning service through Time For You Ballarat, the cleaner is very polite and hard working.

Jason - Ballarat 3350

The cleaner did a great job

Debbie - Ballarat East

Thank you for finding our domestic cleaner Connie.

She is doing a fantastic job and we are incredibly happy with the quality of her work which is always excellent and spotless. She is very attentive to detail, very responsible and always perfectly punctual.

We wanted to say thank you to you for finding her for us.

We are also thankful to Connie for her hard work and for making our life easier.

Rebecca - Ringwood East 3135