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21 Homemade Gift Ideas

Although buying gifts can be fun, there is something special about homemade gifts. They show that thought has gone into the present as well as precious hours of your time. Yes, there are now many places online that you can purchase personalised presents, however, nothing is ever as personal as a DIY gift. Not only are they great presents to receive, but they can also be amazing fun to make as well.   

Whether your crafting skills are brilliant or extremely lacking, there are still ways you can create amazing presents that your family and friends will love. Here are some of our best homemade gift ideas.  

Homemade Christmas Cards 

These are a great place to start if you are nervous about your crafting skills. There are so many kits to help you get started online. The best thing about Christmas cards is that the options are endless and they are simple to do. 

Reed Diffuser 

Place essential oils and reed differs in a small vase, or even an old bottle, to add beautiful scents to your loved ones home. Play around with the essential oils to create a personalised aroma.   

Christmas Scene Candle 

Cut out a Winter wonderland scene and place around the base of a candle holder to instantly bring a festive feel. You can also turn empty jars into candle holders and decorate them with holly, glitter or more. The possibilities are virtually endless.  

Gift card holder 

Maybe ask for gift cards at Christmas. Although they make great gifts as they provide the recipient freedom to buy what they want, the gift cards themselves can be boring. Why not make them more personal by creating your own gift card holder out of cardboard. You can design it however you want and means you can put a festive stamp on an otherwise dull-looking gift.  


From wall calendars to desk calendars, they are a great homemade present. You can use family photos for each month and fill in all the important birthdays and anniversary dates already to save your loved one time. It will be lovely for them to go through all the amazing memories each month.  

Homemade glass baubles 

Make one of a kind Christmas tree decorations by filling empty glass baubles with glitter, coloured features, fake snow, mini Christmas trees, bells or any other pretty filling you have.   

Lavender sachets 

These make the perfect self-care present. Known to help relax and promote sleep, lavender is a calming scent. Made from whichever material you like, you can finish them off with buttons and fragrance.  

Hot chocolate sets 

These are perfect as a small gift to go with a mug or stocking filler. Place a few scoops of hot chocolate into a plastic disposable piping bag. Top with some chocolate buttons, mini marshmallows and perhaps even a small candy cane and seal with an elastic band and bow. All the person has to do is add to a mug of hot water or milk.   

Blanket or scarf 

Although some struggle to learn how to knit, many find crocheting easier or even hand knitting. There are many tutorials online to help you get started and blankets and scarfs are some of the easiest projects to start with. The best news is that they are practical and look great too. You can make them whichever colour you want and are perfect for the colder months. Why not go for a chunky knit blanket? They are usually expensive in the shop, so you can make one yourself at the fraction of the cost. Due to the size of the yarn, they also don’t take long to make.   

Sugar scrub 

Made with sugar, essential oils and fragrances, this is a low-cost way to produce a bath product they will love. Customise it to suit their favourite scents.  

BBQ kits 

If your loved one loves a good BBQ, create them a kit. Include BBQ tools, spice rubs and condiments like ketchup and BBQ. Place them all in a hamper for the ultimate BBQ gift. Make it even more special by making the sauces and rubs yourself.   

Homemade jams 

Sticking to the food theme, why not make homemade jam? They look sweet, taste amazing and are easy to make in large quantities.   

Ultimate night-in box 

Fill an old shoebox that you have wrapped in wrapping paper, fill with shredded paper and add everything they need for a cosy night in. Snacks, a candle, hot chocolate, wine, chocolate, face mask and comfy socks and PJs. They are all simple things but combined can make an amazing present.   

Hot chocolate stirrers 

Use an ice cube tray to melt chocolate in along with whatever other decoration or flavouring you want. Add a skewer or ice cream stick into each one and let them set. Finish off by adding any other decoration, then wrap the chocolate block with a cellophane wrap and a bow. Simply stir into a mug of hot milk for the perfect luxury hot chocolate.  

Recipe box 

If you have an avid cook in your family, they can sometimes be bombarded with new cookbooks. Try something different and make them a homemade recipe box. Fill it with empty cards ready for your loved one to add their favourite recipes.  

Herb planter 

Fill a wooden planter with their favourite herbs and personalise it with their name. Perfect to sit on the windowsill in the kitchen and have instant access to fresh ingredients whilst they cook.  

Homemade keyrings or jewellery 

Grab some wool and easily create pom poms (there are many video tutorials to explain how to do this - it is surprisingly easy). They can then be used to make keyrings, jewellery and more.  


Candles are such a popular gift but why buy one when you can make one? All you need is a holder, some wicks, soy wax and whichever essential oils or colouring you want to add.  

Homemade fudge and chocolates  

Make these mouth-watering treats in a range of fun flavours. They make a great alternative to shop-bought versions.  

Christmas crackers 

You don’t even have to focus on the main gifts, there are many things on Christmas Day that you can make yourself, for example, crackers. There are many kits available that let you add your jokes and gifts inside. They are a perfect extra treat when people sit around the table and it means everyone gets something they like, not a plastic toy or bottle opener that lays unused.   

Personalised voucher book 

Some people are notoriously difficult to buy for. Not sure what to get someone? Why not make them a book of vouchers that they can redeem throughout the year. From mowing their lawn to cooking them a meal, babysitting, taking them to the cinema or a coffee shop, the options are endless and can be tailored to the person.   

As the list above suggests, there is a myriad of presents that can easily be homemade, from luxury gifts to simple stocking fillers. Whilst some will involve purchasing special equipment, others can be created using items you probably already have in your home. This not only makes the present economical, but it can also help reduce waste. Some projects are more challenging than others but they all show that thought and love have gone into the present. Crafting has also been shown to help lower stress levels. So whatever project you decide to go with this festive season, you can impress your loved ones with a one of a kind gift made especially by you! The most important thing is to have fun. 

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