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26 Uses for Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda is an ingredient every household usually has shoved away at the back of a cupboard. However, apart from baking, this incredible ingredient has a myriad of uses. After reading all of these, you will never look at a tub of bicarb in the same way again.

1.    Clean dirty fruit and veg
Put some on a damp sponge before scrubbing the fruit and veg.

2.    Give hairbrushes a clean
Mix a teaspoon of bicarb and some warm water. Rinse well and dry.

3.    Clean your BBQ grill
Put some on a damp brush, scrub the grill, then rinse.

4.    Clean rugs and carpets
Sprinkle some on the carpet, preferably overnight, then hoover.

5.    Get whiter clothes
Place a small amount in your washing machine.

6.    Remove stubborn food stains from pans
Shake some into pots and pans, add hot water and washing up liquid. Leave to soak before rinsing.

7.    Shine the floors
Dissolve some bicarb in warm water before mopping the floor.

8.    Clean appliances
Place some in the dishwasher or coffee machine and run the appliance on an empty cycle.

9.    Polish silver
Shine tarnished silver with bicarb and water. Create a paste and then rub onto the silver with a clean cloth.

10.    Stop litter tray smells
Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda under a layer of litter to reduce smells.

11.    Keep the loo white
Place some in the bowl of the toilet, then scrub clean.

12.    Hair treatment
Mix some bicarb into your conditioner before applying.

13.    Kill garden weeds
Sprinkle on driveways and areas prone to weeds to discourage them growing.

14.    Clean toothbrushes
Soak your toothbrush in a mixture of bicarb and water. Leave to stand overnight.

15.    Soothe insect bites, chickenpox and sunburn
Mix with a litter bit of water and apply directly to your skin.

16.    Ice proof your driveway
Scatter bicarb on icy driveways as its not as corrosive as salt.

17.    Unblock drains
Pour bicarbonate of soda into your drains then add white vinegar. Pour boiling water down the drain after a few minutes.

18.    Stop bins smelling
Sprinkle in the bottom of your bin.

19.    Whiten your teeth
Mix with strawberries and lemon juice to create a natural whitening agent you can brush onto your teeth.

20.    Make a face mask
Mix with a little bit of water before applying to your face.

21.    Clean Tupperware
Sprinkle onto a clean sponge before washing up the containers.

22.    Stop shoes smelling
Sprinkle into your shoes and leave until you next need to wear them.

23.    Clean your oven
Sprinkle into the bottom of your oven. Spray with water to dampen. Leave to soak overnight before scrubbing to remove it, then rinse.

24.    Stop your fridge smelling
Place a box of bicarb into the back of your fridge which will neutralise odours.

25.    Keep flowers fresher for longer
Add a teaspoon of bicarb into your flower water.

26.    Keep ants away
Add bicarb to an equal amount of salt. Sprinkle into corners that are prone to ants.

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