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3 easy ways to cut down on takeaways

Posted: 09/03/2016

Life can be hectic and all too often we end up reaching for the takeout menu rather than cooking a meal. While it's ok to indulge in takeaways every now and then, getting into a habit of eating fast food is bad for your health, your stress levels and your bank balance. Here are three ways for you to break the habit.

1 – Meal planning

A little organisation can go a long way. One of the most common situations where a takeaway feels like it might be a good idea is when your day has been hectic or stressful and you feel too drained to think of what to have for your dinner.  However if you plan out your meals for the week then you'll already be prepared for what's to come.  On a Sunday evening, or whenever is convenient, read through some recipe books, look on websites like BBC Good Food and Pinterest for recipes and make a list of the ingredients you need.  Stick the list on the inside of your food cupboard so you're constantly reminded when feeling peckish.

2 – Cook in batches

Another reason for choosing takeaways is that they are fast. If you've had a late day in the office then you'll probably want to rest up in front of the TV, not slave away in the kitchen.  A good way to get around this is to reduce the size of your dinner plate but cook the same amount of food as you normally would.  If you do this then you'll have extra food leftover that you can be heated up in the microwave when time is short.

3 – Get excited about cooking

Let's face it, not everyone is destined to be a Michelin star chef – and for many of us cooking is a real chore. One way that you can avoid getting someone else to cook for you is to try and find other ways to enjoy cooking. You could ask your friends and family to cook a meal with you, or hold a dinner party where you can get feedback on your food – 'Come Dine With Me' style. 


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