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4 natural beauty spots in the UK you need to see with your own eyes

With so many stunning attractions to visit in the UK it can be hard to narrow down exactly where to go. Britain is full of areas of natural beauty and you often don’t need to travel too far at all to find one. Here are four of our favourite areas of natural beauty that we firmly believe should be on your bucket list.

1 – Wastwater, Lake District

Tucked away in the Wasdale Valley, Wastwater is the deepest of all the lakes in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Lake District. With a wild and lonely beauty, the area is frequented by ramblers, kayakers and swimmers throughout the year. However, as it extends for 3 miles there are plenty of chances for stern solace and isolation if that’s what you’re hunting for. Indeed, the rugged landscapes have inspired generations of painters, poets and climbers and was once crowned Britain’s favourite view by ITV.
2 – Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Located at another World Heritage Site of the Jurassic Coast – the idyllic Lulworth Coast is a sight to behold. During the summer months visitors can take boats into the bay that tour the pebble beach, blue waters and wonderful rock pools bursting with sea creatures.
3 – Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

Famous for its association with the legend of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is a 450-acre country park full of myth and magic. With walks, trails, bug hunts, adventure playgrounds and more there is plenty to see and do but the beauty and mythology of the place is enough to set the imagination going.
4 – Old Man of Storr, Portree

The Isle of Skye means ‘cloud island’ in Old Norse and the mysterious jagged rocks and moody landscapes found there have drawn tourists for centuries. The iconic natural feature of the Old Man of Storr (pictured above) can be found nearby in the small town of Portree and makes for a dramatic sight.
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