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6 Cleaning hacks that don't really work

When it comes to cleaning hacks - the internet is awash with all kinds of miracle fixes and supposed time-saving tips, but not all of them can be trusted. If you're feeling lost in the wild west of online cleaning advice then look no further. Let's clear up some cleaning hacks that don't really work.

1 - Hairspray to remove ink

Let’s begin with an old-school cleaning myth that’s done the rounds for years. Ever had a pen explode in your pocket? You’d be forgiven for reaching for the hairspray to erase the bulk of the stain left behind. However, while this fix may have worked in years gone by due to the alcohol content – today’s hairsprays generally contain less alcohol and more stain-inducing elements, so it’s best avoided. Opt for an isopropyl alcohol fluid to do the job instead.

2 – Coca Cola as a toilet cleaner

Besides being an expensive way of cleaning your toilet, coca-cola just flat out doesn't work when it comes to scrubbing your bowl. While it does have properties that can remove rust and some light stains, it will leave behind a sticky goop that will attract bacteria growth. Standard toilet cleaners are affordable, readily available, and do the job much better.

3 - Mixing baking soda and vinegar for a super cleaner

Unless you have a chemistry degree, it's best to avoid mixing cleaning products. Case in point: baking soda and vinegar. While these two products are excellent and versatile household cleaning products, mix them and they will fizz up and neutralize each other's best properties.

4 - Hot water as an antibacterial cleaner

If you want to blast away germs then you need more than simply hot water alone. While hot water can be effective, it needs to be more than 212 degrees to work best. If you want to make the most of hot water then you need to add a disinfectant to it. Chlorine bleach is one of the most powerful options, but if you want something a little less nuclear then try pine oil instead.

5 – Adding more detergent will make your clothes cleaner

It might sound counter-intuitive but adding more detergent doesn't make your clothes cleaner in the long run. Using too much will leave behind residue that can leave your clothes sticky and in need of another wash. Try and stick to the instructions on the back of your product and make use of your washing machine's modes and settings if you require a deeper clean.

6 - Removing chewing gum with peanut butter

Finally, another cleaning urban legend that's made its way onto many an internet forum and cleaning blog. Chewing gum can cause a big problem on clothing but - whatever you do - don't reach for the peanut butter to get rid. All you'll do is create an even bigger mess and waste a delicious sandwich filling. Instead, opt for coconut oil or olive oil to help clean up the gum.

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