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Choosing your weapons in the war against dirt

Fighting dirt is an endless war where you must aim to win every battle.

You must have the tools at your disposal to deal effectively with everything thrown at you.

First, you need your cleaning caddy - one of those plastic trays with a handle - to keep all your cleaning materials together.

Next, you need to gather your basic day-to-day cleaning materials:

    •    Spray surface cleaner

    •    Glass cleaner

    •    Polish

    •    Powder scourer, like soda crystals


    •    Duster

    •    A ‘greenie’ scrubber

    •    Small, stiff-bristled brush, like a toothbrush

    •    Small, soft paintbrush for dusting delicates

    •    Micro fibre cloths that do not leave any lint

    •    Clean rags for applying polishes and cleaners

    •    Paper kitchen towels

    Bin bag:

    •    For collecting rubbish and used kitchen towels

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