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Common household items with secret uses

clip_image002Who knew! There are lots of items in our house that have additional uses. Let’s take a look at some of them:


· Rubbing chalk on collar stains absorbs the oil and makes the stain easier to clean.

· Chalk in cheesecloth can prevent tarnishing silverware by absorbing the moisture.

· Chalk wards off ants – chalk contains calcium carbonate which ants don’t like, so draw a chalk line around ants’ entry points into the house.

Wax paper

· Add a sheet of wax paper between stacked pans to prevent rust.

· Shine up taps after cleaning to prevent water spots and finger prints.

· Clean can openers by running the wax paper through the gears so that they run smoothly.clip_image004

· Add wax paper between wet pages of a book to make it as good as new once dry.


· Pour vinegar in the cracks between bricks and patio flagstones to prevent weeds; the acidity can kill off weeds in one dousing.

· Freshen up wilted leaf vegetables by soaking them in two cups of cold water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar, leave for 10 minutes, rinse, dry and serve.

· Prevent mouldy hard cheese by wrapping a vinegar-soaked cloth in vinegar around it and sealing in an airtight container. The vinegar prevents mould spores.


· Remove dirt from spinach and green leaves by swirling them around a bowl of salty water.

· Clean greasy pans by shaking some salt into them – the salt absorbs the grease.

· Remove burnt spots from the bottom of your iron by sprinkling salt on brown paper and running the hot iron over it.


Petroleum jelly (Vaseline™)

· Rub petroleum jelly into pets paw to clip_image006soothe dryness and cracked pads.

· Dab around your nails to neaten your nail polish application, if you make a mistake the polish will easily wipe away.

· Dab some around light bulb threads when putting a new light bulb in, this will prevent dirt and dust and be easier to remove without sticking.

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