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Easy to Follow Tips for Green House Cleaning

Most homeowners today prefer getting their homes cleaned through green house cleaning. There are simple tips you can follow to make your home a healthier place for your family. Keeping them free from harm from the commercial solutions in the market may bring about while being environmentally-friendly.

To start cleaning using this technique, you should consider the easy ways you can approach cleaning.

Your home does not have to smell like pine forest to ensure it is completely clean. If you often use products that have very strong odors, you will end up having a headache or irritated skin and eyes. When it comes to cleaning, you need not to use chemical compounds because they can have harmful effects to your family and assuming their strong smells is equivalent to making your home clean.

Instead of using chemical compounds, you can make use of vinegar in washing the glass and windows in your home. This is a non-toxic technique and can leave the surfaces shiny and clean. A mixture of essential oils and baking soda is great when it comes to cleaning the carpet and furniture. In cleaning wood, beeswax can be ideally used. Different spots in your home can be cleaned with mop or micro fiber material which will remove microorganisms away without leaving any residue. Aside from being effective, these items are also cheap and can be easily found inside the house. You get dual benefits here—green house cleaning and saving cash.

Check the labels of your cleaning products and the ingredients they contain. They are mostly toxic and detrimental to the health of the entire family. Many products are made of up components which can set off cancer. When eliminating these products, make sure to do it in an eco-friendly manner.

If there are products that give unpleasant effect to your eyes or nostril, make sure to eliminate them because if you or anyone in the family inhaled it, it might have ill effects to your health. Avoid using sponges because they can attract bacteria. Instead, use paper towels because they are also excellent cleaners. There are also microfiber products you can use to get rid of germs.

Follow these green house cleaning tips and you can have a home that’s cleaner and greener. You get to save the health of your family while saving money at the same time.


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