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Getting the kids to help clean the house

Assigning your kids tasks to help to clean the house not only keeps the children occupied while you are busy, but it also gives them a sense of responsibility.

While children are still young they will enjoy the chance to get involved in helping around the house. As they get older you may face some resistance, but teaching them from a young age will help to teach them that everyone in the household should make a contribution to clean the house.

Chores should be age appropriate and you may find that a reward system is a good way to keep children motivated and ensure they complete their tasks when they’re supposed to. A sticker chart can be a great way for smaller children to check off each chore that they complete and earn points along the way. They could collect points and save up towards a day at the park, a trip to the cinema or even their favourite meal.

As children reach their teens, it may become more difficult to motivate them to complete their household task but just remember not to get involved in an argument. Simply keep reminding them of their chore until it’s done.

Children aged two to three can help to clean the house by picking up their toys and books, helping to make their bed and feeding any pets they might have. At this age they will be very enthusiastic about helping and this should be encouraged (and enjoyed – it won’t last!). Remember that you should always supervise children at this age when they are helping out.

At ages four and five, children will still be very keen to help and mimic your behaviour. Tasks such as setting and clearing the table at meal times, dusting and helping to put shopping away are all easy jobs for young kids to help with.

From ages six to eight your children may become less excited to help clean the house and will want more independence. This is an ideal time to encourage them to keep their bedrooms clean and tidy by hanging clothes up, sorting them for washing, making their bed, looking after pets and vacuuming bedrooms.

From nine upwards, the kids can help with many more aspects when cleaning the house. They can start to help with the washing up, cleaning the bathroom and cooking too. Try keeping a rota for the whole family and get everyone to pick their favourite task that they alone can be responsible for.

As well as teaching your children more responsibility, encouraging them to help around the house will give the whole family more time to spend doing fun things. Remind them of this if you face any resistance and you’ll be on to a winner.

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