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Home housekeeping the Eco way

These days we have all become much more conscious about the environment and the ways in which we can help to improve it. During your home housekeeping routine I’m sure you recycle your paper, plastic and glass, give away unwanted clothing and turn off lights when you’re not in the room, but did you realise that you can become more environmentally friendly when cleaning the house too?

We have already gone through the various uses for distilled white vinegar, lemons and bicarbonate of soda. Not only are they cheaper than your usual cleaning products, by substituting them with these natural alternatives you will significantly reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that float around your home.

These natural products will make your home housekeeping routine easier because they tackle problems that store-bought cleaners can’t. They quite often do a better job in half the time too!

If you don’t like the thought of using vinegar or lemons as a cleaning product, then there is an alternative to the harsh cleaning products on the market. Many companies now have eco-cleaning ranges that miss out the toxins and you can find them in your local supermarket or online.

Swapping the toxic chemicals for eco alternatives isn’t the only way you can be more eco-aware when cleaning. When our glorious British weather allows, you can use your washing line instead of the tumble dryer, saving electricity and making your washing smell fantastic at the same time.

If you do have to resort to the tumble dryer, invest in some dryer balls to pop in with your washing. They will speed up the drying time, reduce creasing and save the need for dryer sheets. This will also make home housekeeping easier by helping to reduce your time ironing and saving money on other fabric softening products.

By ensuring that your washing machine and dishwasher are both set to an eco wash you will save water and energy. If you don’t have this setting, when it comes time to replace your white goods look for ones that do. Energy efficient white goods are becoming more popular now and prices are similar to regular models.

For more tips on home housekeeping come back next week.

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