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How to clean a house: the wardrobe

Many people want to know how to clean a house but often we forget the parts that other people don’t see. We put it off and put it off until eventually we have no option but to dedicate half a day to cleaning and organising these dreaded areas.

The wardrobe is one such dreaded area that is in desperate need of organisation - you can’t find your favourite dress, let alone a matching pair of shoes. Now is the time to take charge.

Start by emptying the contents of your wardrobe onto the bed or the floor. Clean the inside of your wardrobe thoroughly. In other ‘how to clean a house’ tips, we told you about the benefits of vinegar as a household product - you can use your homemade vinegar cleaner for this as it will both clean and deodorise your wardrobe without having to use two products.

Next, work through the clothes that you have taken out of the wardrobe. Split them into piles to give to charity, throw away and keep. Place anything that you want to keep neatly on hangers and put back in the wardrobe. If you want to be super-organised you could try hanging your clothes in colour order.

Now you need to sort out your shoes. A great tip for how to clean a house and keep it clean is to make sure that your shoes are always clean. If any of your shoes could do with a polish do it now and then next time you want to wear them they will be shiny and waiting. Arrange your shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe in pairs. A shoe rack can be a good way to make sure they stay in their pairs.

A top tip when clearing out your wardrobe is to be ruthless. It’s difficult but if you have things that you haven’t worn for years, the chances are that you won’t wear them again. Give them away and let someone else enjoy them. You can enjoy your newly organised wardrobe instead!

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