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How to clean your oven without a domestic cleaning company

If you use your oven regularly, cleaning it can require a lot of elbow grease but don’t worry – it is possible without the use of a domestic cleaning company.

First, arm yourself with a good oven cleaner and a pair of rubber gloves.  Oven cleaners are filled with chemicals that can harm your skin so be prepared.  Also, all these chemicals tend to smell so it may be wise to ventilate the kitchen before you get started.

Most oven cleaners work overnight so spray the inside of your oven when you know you won’t need it in the morning. Cover the inside of the oven with the spray, including the shelves and reward yourself with a good night’s sleep.

In the morning you will need to put that elbow grease to use and give the oven a good scrub using a damp cloth.  It’s a good idea to put the shelves in a washing-up bowl in order to give them a clean without soaking yourself in the process.

If you want a chemical-free way to clean your dirty oven without calling in a domestic cleaning company, then this next tip is for you.

Mix a large quantity of bicarbonate of soda with enough water to make a thick paste.  Spread this onto the inside of your oven and leave it to do its magic for about half an hour.  The mixture will work on the dirt to soften it and break it down.  Then just scrape off the mixture with a wallpaper or car window scraper.  Your oven will look as good as new and the next time you cook food in the oven you will avoid that chemical smell that oven cleaners usually leave behind.

Of course, an easy way around cleaning your oven is to make sure that you wipe it clean after every use.  And even easier way would be to contact a domestic cleaning company and save yourself the time and effort!

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