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Make leather look like new when cleaning the house

Leather sofas look stylish and inviting but a grubby sofa doesn’t look so good. 

You may think leather would be an easy fabric to keep clean but the reality is that it can be easily damaged if you use the wrong products. With the right products though, it is probably one of the easier tasks when cleaning the house.

The best product to use when cleaning a leather sofa is soap flakes.  They are gentle enough not to strip the protective layers from the leather but strong enough to restore the leather to its former glory. Just mix the flakes with some water and, using a clean cloth, gently wipe the sofa with the liquid.  Dry it with a towel and you’re done. 

If you have stains or marks on your leather sofa don’t panic yet.  There are a number of ways to remove different stains from leather without ruining it.

Ink stains can be troublesome but often are easy to remove with the right know-how. If you notice pen on the sofa when cleaning the house the best thing to do is find a can of hairspray. Spray the marked area generously and then wipe off the spray with a clean cloth.  This should remove the stain first time.  If it’s a particularly stubborn stain then try this a second time.  If the stain still won’t budge, I’m afraid it’s time to call the professionals.

Grease stains can be a big problem on your leather sofa or dining chair. If you have a grease mark, wipe the excess grease away using a clean cloth. Then sprinkle the area with talcum powder which will slowly absorb the grease. Leave the powder for about four hours and then wipe it off. The stain should be gone and you can finish cleaning the house!

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