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Planning a trip to the seaside

sea-shoreNow that the weather is beginning to turn and the sun is reappearing it’s time to grab your bucket and spade and head to the beach. The British coast has some of the best seaside resorts around and what’s more you can easily do it on a budget. We’ve packed this blog full of tips and advice on making your day out a memorable experience.


Before you set off make sure to pack all the essentials. Beach towels, sun cream, sunglasses and hats are all extremely important, especially if you have children, but you might also want to bring your own chairs and plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.


Unless you live within walking distance of a beach then you will probably need to consider how you will get there. Perhaps you have relatives or friends who might also fancy a day out at the beach, in which case you can split fuel and share a car. If not then take a look at your local bus or rail service for details of routes. Many bus and railway services provide cheap concessions to young people and the elderly as well as armed forces rates and other forms of discounted tickets.


Food is a big part of a day out at the seaside. Whether its rock candy, ice cream, fish and chips or seafood, there are plenty of options to fill up your stomach after a day of building sandcastles and swimming in the sea. If you want to keep costs down then try packing some food to bring with you and keep it all chilled in a cool-box, or alternatively delve a little deeper through the back streets to find some cheap restaurants and fish and chip shops.


There’s plenty to do and see at the seaside, for all ages, even on a rainy day. The beach has plenty of room for movement so if you’re making the trip with friends or older children then you might want to bring a bat and ball for games like rounders and cricket, or a larger ball to play football. Depending on the time of year and part of the country you are visiting, the sea might be warm enough for you to take a refreshing swim; alternatively you can just dip your feet and enjoy a paddle.

Younger children can have fun exploring, building sandcastles, digging holes, collecting shells and looking for crabs in any rock pools nearby. If you want to make things particularly memorable then you could even let them bury you in the sand, just make sure you watch out for any seagulls!

Many of the UK’s coastal towns are famous not only for their beaches but also for their piers and arcades. You’ll find all sorts of amusements there and it’s worth planning ahead and saving some spare pocket change if you want to be in with a chance of winning prizes.

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