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Reasons to love November

So the clocks have gone back and every day feels clip_image002like a lay-in as the sun isn’t glaring through the curtains at stupid o’clock; its officially ok to start getting excited about Christmas. Is November the best month of the year? Quite possibly. Here are some more reasons why November could be the best:

1. No more muddy festivals or rained-out barbeques. Its now acceptable to tell your friends that you had a great weekend staying indoors eating jacket potatoes and watching Back To The Future without getting judgemental looks.

2. Hearty winter food. Cottage pie, dumplings, casserole – ah, how we’ve missed you.

3. Movember – the only time you can grow a moustache without having to excuse yourself for looking like you fell out of the 1970s.

4. Sunshine – something we rarely seem to get in the summer, but accompanied with clear blue skies it has to be November.

5. 60 denier tights to protect your legs from the chill and merrily throwing away the razor (until Christmas party season). Hey, if it works for Movember?!

6. Dark evenings means that you no longer have to leave the house for a big night out in full make up, where otherwise you resemble Coco the clown in broad daylight.

7. Christmas markets with twinkling lights, shiny gifts and an excuse to sample the mulled wine on offer.

8. Reintroducing log fires, also appreciated by pets.

9. Fog – nature’s silk tulle.

10. Wrapping up in your gloves, hat, scarf, coat and boots and feeling like Anna Karenina. And ultimately having to peel off the layers due to excessive sweating as soon as you step in the shops.

11. And finally, did we mention…. SANTA’S COMING!!


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