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Removing pet hair when cleaning your home

It’s been proven that we’re a nation of pet lovers and who are we to argue? Your pet dog or cat is your loyal companion and a much loved part of the family. If there was just one thing you could change about your dear pets though, it would be to reduce the amount of hair you have to pick up when you’re cleaning your home.

Firstly, the very best way to reduce the amount of pet hair you have to clean up is to ensure that you groom your pet on a regular basis. Spend ten minutes a day brushing your pet and not only will they shed less, but you will also find that they have a shinier, softer coat.

Even though you are grooming your pet on a daily basis, there is no escaping the fact that they will still leave some pesky hairs around your home – especially in warmer months. Don’t let this worry you when it comes to cleaning your home though.

Fabric sofas can be a particular nuisance when it comes to magnets for pet hair. To remove it, firstly use your vacuum attachment and run it over the sofa, paying attention to the most hairy areas. The vacuum won’t remove all of the hair but it will go a long way to help.

Next, use either a lint roller (available from pet shops and clothing stores) or a slightly damp cloth to brush over the sofa and pick up all of the more stubborn hairs.

If you find that you still have hairs that you can’t remove, try rubbing a fabric softener sheet over the area before trying to get the hairs up. This should loosen them from the fabric and make them easier to move. This method can work for removing pet hairs from most areas when cleaning your home.

Because your pets spend most of their time on the carpets though, there may be more hair to pick up here. After vacuuming if there are still stubborn hairs stuck in the pile try sticking some masking tape to the area and ripping it off. The stuck-in hairs should stick to the tape leaving your carpet clean and hair-free!

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