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Simple Ways to Clean and Eradicate Mould In The Home

The early signs of black mould at home should not be overlooked. Aside from making your home look ugly, black mould is also an indication of presence of mildew which can rot wooden window frames and doors. Walls, clothing as well as furniture can also be damaged by moulds.


Getting rid of mould


What makes it even more disturbing is that damp is an allergen which may affect the health of your family. Before treating the mould, first of all you should know what is causing it. Inspect the exterior of your home. Cracked pipes, gutters and roof tiles allow water to penetrate into your home’s structure. Rising damp may occur also because of nonexistent damp course. But the most common reason for black mould to appear is condensation.


Daily activities like washing, bathing, cooking and even breathing can create moisture released into the air. Since air can only hold a specific amount of water vapour, when it gets cooled by contact with cold surface such as window, wall or mirror, the vapour turns into water droplets. Normally, condensation is a problem when the weather is cold.


Due to the high levels of moisture in the kitchen and bathroom, mould is likely to be common in these places. Rooms facing north and those places with poor ventilation such as basements and cellars may also suffer. This is not only a problem prevalent in older properties. As a matter of fact, building materials can actually take a long time to properly and completely dry out hence brand new homes can likewise be affected.


There are simple ways to get rid of mould. The first indications of damage include musty smell and ugly black patches. Areas around baths and showers require particular care to prevent moulds from appearing. Mould removal methods vary and this depends on the location of the stain.


To get rid of mould on tile grout, use an old toothbrush that has been dipped in bleached. You can also use diluted vinegar for alternative natural remedy. A paste made from baking soda and small amount of water works as well. Leave it to soak for fifteen minutes and scrub like mad. Make sure to rinse afterwards. You can also find mould removal solutions in the grocery store for ingrained or stubborn mildew.

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