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Tips on cleaning with Borax

If you’re looking for tips on cleaning, look no further than Borax as a more economical way to go about your daily cleaning.

You can pick up a box of Borax from your local chemist for around £2 and it can be used to substitute countless household products.

Dishwasher tablets can be expensive and seem to disappear very quickly. Try substituting the pricey tablets with one tablespoon of Borax, one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and some lemon essential oil if you want a fresh lemon smell. This works as a cheaper, greener way to wash the dishes. If you want to go one step further and replace your rinse aid, refer to our earlier tips on cleaning and use some of that good old white distilled vinegar instead.

If you want a change from your all-purpose vinegar cleaner, you could try making one with Borax instead. Just mix one tablespoon of Borax with a litre of water and use the solution as a general cleaner for your work surfaces, tiles and greasy surfaces. Use a weaker version of this to clean windows and mirrors and your home will be sparkling in no time.

Borax is a great when used as a pre-wash for your white washing too. You may have been given lots of tips on cleaning your whites but by sprinkling two tablespoons of Borax into some warm water, along with your grubby white clothes you will have whiter whites than ever!

If you want whiter whites and a water softener, put two tablespoons of Borax on top of your clothes in the washing machine before washing them. You can use this method with coloured clothing too, just make sure that they are colour-fast as Borax can bleach coloured fabrics.

Now for the last of our tips on cleaning with Borax; try mixing one tablespoon of the powder with a bowl of water to rinse your glassware in. The Borax will cut through any remaining grease in the water or on the glass and make it sparkle like crystal! Just remember to use a clean towel when drying the glass or you will ruin the gleam.

For more professional tips on cleaning, check back next week!

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