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To Do.... a To Do list

Posted: 06/12/2013

So, do these To Do lists work? I think so, writing a To Do list eases the stress; just by creating a simple, itemized list, that crazy and overwhelming jumble from your brain is transformed into organized, manageable tasks that can be prioritised and even delegated! Voila!

Chart goals

There’s something incredibly satisfying about crossing off tasks as they are completed; it takes a couple of attempts to actually get the To Do list to work in the way you want it of course, my first effort went something along the lines of the list opposite:

How we’re affected

To Do lists are essential if you’re going to beat work overload, otherwise we appear unfocused and unreliable to the people around us. When we do make these lists we experience less stress, reassurance that we haven’t forgotten anything, and the ability to focus our time and energy on high value activities such as spending time with the family.

Now there are so many options to even bring your To Do list into the digital era! There are smart phone apps that feature mobile updating, push notifications and calendar integration – even technology wants us to create To Do lists!

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Above: one of the more amusing To Do Lists out there...