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Wacky cleaning tips that WORK!

Housework isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (which is why we recommend getting a cleaner!), but it doesn’t have to be dull! Sometimes we just need to inject a big dose of fun into what can be seen as the mundane.


Have a chuckle with these off-beat cleaning tips that do actually get the job done surprisingly well! 

  • Retire the duster and use a lint roller EVERYWHERE! Run it over lampshades, windowsills, sofas - in fact anywhere dusty. The stickiness holds onto the dust and stops it wafting into the air - this could save on vacuuming, too!
  • We love our pets, right? Not so much their fuzz being everywhere! A great way to remove pet hair off fabric sofas (even a nice wool coat or the car!) is with a wet rubber glove. Seriously! Stick on a wet rubber glove, wipe your hand over all the surfaces, and be dazzled. It magically becomes a pet-hair magnet!
  • Use a tumble dryer sheet to clean troublesome pots that would take some heavy duty scrubbing to get clean. Soak a non-toxic dryer sheet in a dirty pan/dish with some hot water to remove any baked-on foods. This even works with a fondue pan!
  • Another tip for the fondue pan - filthy with cold, welded-on cheese - is to fill the fondue pan with hot water and dissolve a dishwasher tablet in there. Leave overnight. The enzymes dissolve the seemingly impossible to clean-off cheese. Voila!
  • Get perfectly streak-free windows by mixing up a cleaning solution that’s made up of one part vinegar and four parts water and then buffing with coffee filters. No fibre shedding = no streaks!
  • Give your mattress a glow up with vodka! In a spray bottle, mix a shot of voddie with some water and a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Spray onto your mattress and let it dry. The alcohol in the vodka kills any whiffy bacteria buried deep within (and let’s them go out with a bit of a party vibe)!
  • Pass the mayo! Mayonnaise is a bit of an unexpected wonder cleaning product: to remove dreaded water marks from wooden surfaces, wipe a bit of mayo along the surface with a damp cloth.Works eggy wonders!
  • Households with children, listen up! A super simple, but effective, way of removing grubby fingerprints off walls is to rub lightly with moistened, stale white bread. Try it! Don’t have a piece of bread? A spot of baby oil on a cloth can perform the same fingerprint-removing feat.
  • Wooden floors are precious and can be fragile. A scratch can wound. What to do? Buff over the scratch with a walnut to make marks vanish (the oils in the nut smooth out the damage and fill the crack).
  • Want a microwave makeover? Place a bowl of water, with a heavy splash of vinegar, into the microwave and set spinning for 5 minutes. The vinegary steam, literally, dissolves grease and your microwave will look sparkling with the lightest wipe of a cloth.


Who said cleaning wasn’t entertaining?! If we can help you inject more fun into your domestic cleaning, please contact us here.

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