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Advice for areas with Local or National restrictions

We are continuing to work safely and in line with current Government guidance.


There are currently no restrictions in place, Nationally or at Local level that restrict cleaning services within private households.

Time For You remains committed to providing it’s services and cleaners to households in a safe manner and with effective guidance to help ensure the health and safety of its clients and cleaners.

Earlier in the year we issued our ‘StaySafe In Homes’ guidance, we would ask all our existing and new clients and cleaners to adhere to when cleaning services are taking place. These are some simple guidelines to ensure that every possible care is taken and to minimise the risk to our clients and our cleaners and that services can continue.

Households or Individuals That Are Self-Isolating

Under no circumstances should any work be carried out in a home where people are self-isolating or showing any Coronavirus like symptoms.

Social Distancing

We advise that social distancing must be maintained when working in properties and to stay in separate rooms where possible.

Face Coverings

Face covering in homes are not mandatory, however where social distancing is an issue it is recommended. In most cases this is down to personal preference of our clients and/or cleaners.

Hand Washing

It is recommended that cleaners wash (or hand sanitise) their hands on arrival and at regular intervals throughout the time that they are working in homes. 

The Home, Equipment & Products

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, we ask that all products are supplied by and kept by the householders and recommend the supply of anti-bacterial and disinfectant products where possible. That all re-usable items such as cloths are cleaned at high temperatures or with anti-bacterial products where possible. Any disposable items should be disposed of correctly and in leak proof bags. Areas in the home where cleaning is being undertaken are to be kept well ventilated


Where possible it is recommended that all communication, entry and payments are made on a non-contact basis. 

For this and more information on our ‘StaySafe In Homes’ Guidance please see the link here:

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