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Best foods to try around Europe

One of the best parts of a holiday is surely the food. You can really experience a country’s culture through the food they eat, and being on holiday is the perfect time to indulge yourself. Here we travel across Europe and pick some of our favourite local cuisine that all tourists must try.

Belgium - Waffles
Everyone will have probably heard of Belgian waffles and how amazing they are, but you cannot truly appreciate them until you have eaten them for yourself. With a range of toppings to choose from, they are an indulgent treat that you will not regret. Nutella and strawberries are always a winning combination in our eyes.

Italy – Arancini
There are very few countries that have as much amazing food and flavours to offer than Italy. From pizza and pasta to tiramisu and gelato, we have a lot to thank Italy for when it comes to food and drink. But despite how amazing these foods are, we have decided to focus on Arancini. These are little fried rice balls that are typically stuffed with meat, mozzarella, mushrooms, aubergines or tomatoes and are gorgeous. They are coated in breadcrumbs and then deep fried, creating a mouth-watering treat. You may as well finish the meal of with some refreshing gelato, which seems to come in every flavour imaginable!

Switzerland - Cheese Fondue
The Swiss are not only known for their cheese, but also for what they do with it. Melting it in a pot with some white wine or kirsch for added kick, and then dipping crusty bread into it is a must do experience if you are there. It’s warming, gooey and delicious and will leave you wanting more. It’s also a great meal to share with friends.

Hungary - Langos
Similar to a pizza but with a twist, these flatbreads are deep fried and traditionally topped with sour cream alongside a range of toppings of your choice. They are a speciality in Hungary and something you should definitely try if you are there. The great news is they are readily available at street food markets and a great choice for a cheap but delicious meal. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, then definitely try a traditional bowl of goulash. It is the ultimate comfort food, especially on a cold day.

Germany - Currywurst
Whilst it is not the prettiest dish to look at, it more than makes up for it in flavour. A Bratwurst (fried pork sausage) is cut into slices and served with curried ketchup and fries. You will not have trouble getting your hands on these as they are many stalls and restaurants dedicated to this dish.

Sweden - Kottbullar
Known better to us as Swedish meatballs, this dish has become iconic, especially with the help of IKEA. The meatballs are made with cream and breadcrumbs soaked in milk to create really tender meatballs. Serve it with gravy, lingonberry jam and either mash or chips for a real comfort food treat.

Scotland - Haggis
Some people love it, some people hate it. Whatever side you are on, this is a dish Scotland is known for and should be tried at least once. It sounds unappealing as it is a savoury pudding made from sheep offal minced with onion, oats and spices. Serve alongside the traditional “neeps and tatties” for the complete experience.

Netherlands - Herring
Being on the coast, fish is a longstanding part of the diet in Netherlands, with herring being an extremely popular snack to have. You will easily find them available on street food markets across Amsterdam and although it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is a great way to have a healthy snack.

Spain - Tapas
There is so much to love about tapas. According to the Spanish dictionary, any small dish that can accompany a drink can be considered tapas. Initially meant to be served as an appetiser or as a snack whilst you had a drink, tapas are now eaten as a main meal. From hot and cold dishes ranging from patatas bravas, olives, cheeses, Padron peppers or croquettes, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and the great thing about having such small dishes means you try lots of different stuff! Although tapas are available across Spain and now becoming popular across the world, Barcelona and Madrid deliver tapas at its best.

France - Macarons
There are so many iconic and delicious dishes that originated in France, but we’ve chosen to highlight the beautiful and delicate macaron. These sweet, meringue-based treats come in a range of pastel shades and flavours. They are filled with buttercream, jam or ganache and are the perfect sweet fix. You will struggle to find more beautiful macarons than in a French bakery.

Greece – Gyro
This Greek dish is now becoming popular around the world at food festivals and markets and it’s easy to see why. Made from meat usually cooked rotisserie style, it derived from lamb donor kebabs but has expanded to offer pork and chicken as well. Stuffed in a pita or wrapped in a flatbread alongside onion, tomatoes and even French fries, all topped off with tzatziki sauce. This is a kebab like you’ve never eaten before!

Portugal - Nata
Portugal is famous for these custard tarts. With crispy pastry and a custard filling and caramelized top, these little pastries are to die for and a must-try if you are ever in Portugal.

Denmark – Smorrebrod
If you are ever in Denmark, make sure you have a Smorrebrod before you leave. These open sandwiches are usually served on rye bread and can be topped with a range of foods from roast beef and horseradish to eggs, other meats, cheeses and fish. Best eaten with cutlery to ensure its an enjoyable but not messy eating experience.

England - Scones
Nothing is as quintessentially English as the scone. Whether you prefer it savoury with cheese or sweet with dried fruit, they are truly delicious. Typically served as part of an afternoon tea alongside jam and clotted cream they are amazing throughout the year and truly comfort food. The main decision you have to make is whether to put the jam or cream on first. In Devon they traditionally spread clotted cream on first, whereas in Cornwall, it is tradition to put jam on first.

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