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Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

There’s nothing like decorating your home to make you feel instantly more festive. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to decorations. The main thing is to start on deciding a theme. Once you have that chosen, the rest will fall into place and you will end up with a spectacular Christmas display. Here we share some of our favourite Christmas Decoration ideas for your home. 

Match your artwork and current decor 

If you are unsure what colours to go with for your Christmas decorations, take a look around your home and make note of the current colours of the walls and artwork. For example, if you have a lot of green or blue in your pictures, why not use this as the basis of your pallet and opt for whites, silvers and golds and then bring in pops of blue? This will look like the decorations fit more seamlessly into your home than perhaps opting for the more traditional reds, greens and golds which may clash.  

Choose your tree carefully  

When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas, the tree is a big decision. Whether you opt for a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, choose it with care. You don’t have to just take into account the height of the tree, but also the width. Trees, especially real ones, can be extremely wide at the bottom and take up a lot of floor space. So, measure the space available in your home before you pick your tree.  

Stick to a single theme  

To create the most impact, try and stick to a single theme throughout your home. This will make the transition seamless as you travel from one room to another, and emphasise your Christmas decoration ideas. You could go for a rustic woodland theme, for example, or stick to traditional colour palettes. Whilst you certainly do not need Christmas decorations in every room of the house (unless you want to of course) you should focus on the high footfall areas instead. For example, the living room, dining room, hallway, staircase and front door. Whichever areas your guests are going to see and also where you spend most of your time so that you can appreciate your lovely decorations. 

Decorate your tree in order of size 

For an organised, professional-looking tree, organise your decorations by size and weight before you add anything to the tree. The larger, heavier baubles should always go at the bottom, with the smaller, lighter decorations on the top. The end result will be a very balanced, even looking tree that doesn’t look overfilled or like it is about to topple over. 

Swap out the tinsel  

The next of our Christmas decoration ideas is a hot topic for some. Whilst some people love tinsel, others hate it whilst some want to avoid it because it can be harmful to both the environment and pets if they accidentally eat it. To play it safe, why not swap tinsel out for a string of small bells, a beaded garland, or some bows of ribbon. All of these make a great alternative to tinsel.  

Secure your decorations  

To create a slightly different look, swap the string that comes with the decorations and baubles for a fine wire instead. This allows you to attach the decorations straight onto the tree branch, rather than having them dangling down. Not only can this look a lot cleaner and professional, but it also gives you more control over where the decorations sit. 

Add some natural elements  

Why not add some nature indoors this festive season. Natural Christmas decoration ideas can include things like Cinnamon sticks, pine cones, dried orange slices and cranberries. Use them on your tree, add to garlands and wreaths, put in vases alongside candles, add to your presents for the final finishing touches to your wrapping and so much more! They also help bring a lovely festive smell into your home. 

Match your wrapping to your colour scheme  

Coordinate your wrapping with your overall Christmas decorations by complimenting the colour scheme. That means once you have wrapped your presents, you can place them under the tree and they will look like extra decorations. Coordinating wrapping with your Christmas decoration ideas will make everything consistent.

Get creative with your advent calendar 

Whilst the simple chocolate or picture advent calendars are great, why not incorporate the advent calendar into your decorations? You can buy some amazing wooden advent calendars that make great ornaments on a side table. Alternatively, you can create a garland advent calendar that you can hang like bunting on a wall, from the ceiling or down the banister of your stairs. 

Add some twinkle with fairy lights 

It is amazing how you can transform your home simply by adding some fairy lights. They don’t only look great on the tree, they look equally as nice on wreaths, around garlands or added to clear glass bowls or hurricane lamps. They are the perfect way to incorporate Christmas decorations into different areas of your home. 

Add a bright colour 

If you want to go for a Christmas look with a bit of a twist, embrace colour. Whether you want to go for a full spectrum of colour or simply add a single bright colour to the rest of the neutral decorations, (such as a stunning deep purple), you should choose whatever colours you want. If neutral or traditional colours aren't your style, go full-on rainbow or a palette of jewel tones for amazing results. 

Turn your kitchen festive 

Whilst many people choose to create a centrepiece on their table or have a garland or wreath on shelves, there is so much you can do to add some festive spirit to your kitchen. If you have any Christmas mugs, get them out on display. Also, you can turn part of your worktop space into a hot drinks area. With hot chocolate, Christmas coffee, mulled wine, mini marshmallows, chocolate flakes etc, you can create a showstopping display that is also functional and will be the envy of friends. 

Whether you want to stick to traditional colours, go with rustic woodland vibes, or use this as a chance to add tons of colour to your house, choose what makes you happy and get creative. At the end of the day, there are no rules when it comes to Christmas decoration ideas. Go for whatever makes you feel the most festive and what will enjoy looking at during the festive season. 

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