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Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Regularly cleaning your home is always beneficial. However, it can be even more important for those that suffer from allergies. Cleaning your home on a regular basis can help get rid of many things that can trigger allergies and can help relieve people’s symptoms. Here we share some top cleaning tips for allergy sufferers.

Vacuum at least once a week
Ensure your vacuum has a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter. These filters are designed to force air through a fine mesh. In doing this, harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites etc. Without these special filters, the particles will get sucked up from the floor and will shoot into the air, where you will simply breathe them in.

Dust weekly
Dust regularly and with a microfibre cloth. These cloths are designed to trap the allergen and dirt particles into the cloth rather than just spreading them.

Avoid clutter
Clutter such as piles of clothes or boxes everywhere are the perfect place for dust to build up which will make allergy suffers feel worse
Wash sheets weekly

Change your bedding on a weekly basis.
It can be surprising how quickly dirt and allergens can build up in our sheets. When you wash them, ensure they are cleaned on a high enough temperature to kill the bacteria.

Wash stuffed animals
If your child suffers from allergies, wash their stuffed toys on a regular basis. Again, they are places where allergens can hide and are often overlooked when cleaning. Wash on a high enough temperature, just like the bedding.

Avoid mould
Mould can quickly build up in rooms such as the bathroom, especially if these rooms are not deep cleaned on a regular basis. Scrub all the tiles regularly and if you have a shower curtain, ensure you wash it regularly as this is a common area that attracts mould quickly.

Go for unscented cleaners
Be careful when choosing your cleaning products as these can hinder your allergies even more without your realising. If you suffer from allergies badly, try and choose unscented options which are available for the majority of cleaning products that you need. This is especially the case for washing detergent and fabric softener. As these products clean the bedding and clothes that come into direct contact with your skin, you need to ensure you are not sensitive to the ingredients.

Use clothes dryers
Although drying your clothes outside when the weather is nice quickly dries your clothes, it also promotes pollen. To avoid this, use clothes dryers indoors instead

Use a damp cloth
When cleaning the house, ensure your clothes are damp. This will help trap the allergens rather than merely spreading them around and releasing them into the air

Don’t forget to clean outside
It is not just inside your house that you need to consider. Clean your patio and front entrance to the house as well. Doing so will help reduce the amount of dust and pollen that enters your house.

Avoid carpet shampoos
The leftover moisture from a carpet shampoo can actually cause mould and can sometimes increase dust mites. 

Change your flooring
This option is an investment but if possible, it is worth the money. Having a vinyl, tiled or hardwood floors do not carry as many allergens as carpets. Because of the fibres, these allergens can easily get trapped.

Remove shoes before you go into the house
By having a no shoes indoors rule, you will reduce the number of pollen and other allergens that are transporting in from outside.

Keep pets away from bedrooms
If possible keep your pets out of your bedroom. If they sleep on your bed, they can bring a lot of allergens with them, causing you to suffer at night.

Avoid scented candles
Just like the detergent and cleaning products, the strong scents of candles and air fresheners can cause havoc for allergy suffers. If you are needing to banish odours, try using bicarbonate of soda and other natural remedies that are unscented.

Keep windows closed
If it’s a sunny, warm day, it is natural to want the windows open. However, if the forecast says that pollen is high, try and keep your windows closed during the day to avoid unnecessary pollen entering your home.

These are just some quick changes that you can make that should help reduce the effects you are suffering from if you have allergies. Do you have any other allergy reducing cleaning tips that you use? If so, please share them with us!


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