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Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts

Dishwashers are an invention that have changed our lives and freed up a lot of time in the kitchen which otherwise would have been spent washing and drying all the dishes by hand. Using a dishwasher can also be better for the environment. However, in order to get the best out of your dishwasher, here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do use all the space you can and try and stack the dishwasher in the most efficient way. Put bigger pieces in first and then fill the smaller items around them.

Don’t overfill the utensil holder. If you cram too many in, not all of them will be cleaned sufficiently.

Don’t rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Scrape the plates to ensure the larger bits of food have been removed but rinsing the plates will use additional water and modern dishwashers can cope with food residue on plates as long as you run the dishwasher that day and don’t leave them standing there too long.

Do run a full load. Dishwashers are a great way to be efficient with water, however if you only run half loads, water will in fact get wasted.

Don’t overload the dishwasher. Although you should only do full loads, don’t go to the other extreme and overfill. You run the risk that not everything will be completely clean, resulting in you having to wash them again (and wasting both water and electricity).

Do run the dishwasher at night. Waiting until later in the evening can lower your electricity bill. It also makes sense as you can place all the dishes from the entire day into the dishwasher and wash them all in one go.

Don’t unload the top drawer first. Sometimes the upper dishwasher rack can store water. If you empty these items first, you can end up getting the dry items on the bottom level wet.

Do use Rinse Aid - using this regularly will guarantee a better, shinier clean.

Do clean the dishwasher regularly. Inspect the drain for bits of food and remove them before running the machine again. Also use dishwasher cleaner once a month on an empty cycle to keep the machine clean.

Items you can safely put in the dishwasher
-    Silicone oven mitts
-    Kitchen sponges and brushes
-    Microwave turntable plate
-    Refrigerator shelves
-    Candle holders
-    Toothbrush holders
-    Bath toys
-    Pet toys
-    Pet food bowls
-    Golf balls

Items you should NOT put in the dishwasher
-    Wooden spoons
-    Wooden chopping boards
-    Kitchen knives
-    Graters
-    Sieves
-    Aluminium pans
-    Copper pans
-    Non-stick pans
-    Acrylic dishes
-    Thin plastic containers
-    Metallic trimmed dishes or cutlery
-    Delicate crystal or blown glass

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