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Hosting Stress-Free Gatherings: Preparing Your Home For Guests

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be starting to think about hosting some parties and inviting guests over for the festivities. Getting your home prepared for guests can be an incredibly stressful time, so we have put together this blog with our top tips for hosting stress-free gatherings. Let us know if there is anything else you would add!

Make a list

Although it is tempting to just get cracking with cleaning and organising, take the time to write a list before you get started. It may seem tedious, but going through and checking off your list as you go along will ensure you don’t miss anything. Start with basic things like hoovering and dusting, then go onto things specifically for your guests such as making sure there are extra towels and bedding available.

Stock up on supplies

Before your guests arrive, make sure you have asked them in advance whether they have any particular dietary requirements or allergies, and stock up on things they may need (even if it is something you don’t like!). Consider having non-alcoholic drinks in the house too, so if your guests don’t feel like joining in with a boozy dinner, they also won’t feel left out. There are so many great mocktails available these days.

Prepare the guest bathroom & bedroom

If you are sharing a bathroom with your guests, tidy away as many of your personal belongings as possible and make a space for them to store their toiletries. You could even provide some basic toiletries in case they forget to bring any with them. In the bedroom make sure there is enough room in the wardrobe for them to hang any of their clothes (provide hangers too!). It is also a nice touch to leave a laundry bag in either the guest bedroom or bathroom so they have somewhere to put their dirty clothes without stuffing them into their suitcase.

Clean & declutter your home

One of the biggest things you need to do before your guests arrive is to clean your home from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned. From the everyday basics like washing the dishes and taking out the rubbish, you should also sweep & mop any hard floors, have a good hoover round, and get that duster into all corners of your home.

Add home comforts

Whether your guests are staying with you for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks, it is so important to make them feel at home. Add extra pillows and a throw to the guest bedroom to give them extra comfort, and fresh fluffy towels on the end of their beds. Remember to ask if they are bringing children too, and if they need any extra furniture for them (such as a cot). It is always a nice touch to leave tissues, a clock, a phone charger, a notepad, and a pen on the bedside table just in case they forget to bring anything. A scented candle on the windowsill is always a lovely addition.

The little things

One nice thing to do is to give your guests a set of keys to your home while they are visiting. This means they can go off and do their own things during the day, should they please, and treat your home as if it was theirs. Give your guests your Wi-Fi password as soon as they arrive too, so they won’t have to use their data!

Focus on your guests & create conversations

Once your home is prepared for your guests and the time has come for their arrival, remember to change into hostess mode! No matter what happens, your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed. Of course, things will probably happen that will be out of your control, like your dog jumping up at them with muddy paws, but they are your friends. It will soon become a joke, just maybe offer to clean their clothes for them!

The most important thing is to be yourself and enjoy spending time with your guests. If you need help giving your home a clean from top to bottom, get in touch with your local Time For You franchise who will be more than happy to help.

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