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House Organisation Hacks To Save You Money

Posted: 28/07/2023

Organising your house can help save money by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and making it easier to find and use the things you already have. Here are some house organisation hacks that can help you save money. 


Start by decluttering your home. Get rid of items you no longer use or need. You can sell them online or have a yard sale to make some extra cash. 

Meal planning and pantry organisation  

Plan your meals in advance and create a shopping list accordingly. Organise your pantry and food storage areas, so you know what you have and avoid buying duplicates or letting food go to waste. 

Use storage containers

Invest in clear, airtight storage containers for storing dry goods, leftovers, and pantry staples. Properly storing food can extend its shelf life and prevent wastage.

DIY cleaning products

Make your own cleaning products using simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. This is often more cost-effective than buying commercial cleaners.

Repurpose and upcycle  

Instead of buying new furniture or décor, look for ways to repurpose and upcycle items you already have. For example, you can turn old crates into shelves or use mason jars as storage containers. 


Labelling is essential for organising your home efficiently. Clearly label containers, boxes, and shelves to easily find what you need, reducing the chances of buying unnecessary items 

Use vertical space

Maximise vertical space by installing shelves, hooks, and hanging organisers. Utilising vertical space can help you store more items without needing to buy additional furniture. 

DIY repairs and maintenance

Learn basic DIY skills to handle small repairs and maintenance tasks around the house. This can save you money on hiring professionals for simple jobs. 

Inventory system

Create an inventory system for your household items, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and non-perishable goods. Keep track of what you have and replenish only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary purchases. 

Utilise free storage options  

Take advantage of free storage options available, such as cloud storage for digital files or borrowing items from libraries or tool libraries instead of buying them. 

Energy efficiency

Organise your house in a way that promotes energy efficiency. Seal air leaks, use energy-saving light bulbs, unplug electronics when not in use, and make sure appliances are in good working condition. This can help reduce utility bills. 

Maintain and organise paperwork

Create a system for organising important documents like bills, receipts, and warranties. This will help you avoid late fees, missed payments, or the need to repurchase items due to misplaced paperwork 

Remember, organising your house is an ongoing process. Regularly reassess your organisation systems to ensure they are still effective and adjust them as needed.