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How to create a geometric feature wall


You have a fresh blank wall (or soon to be blank) and you’re thinking, How can I turn this into something special?

A geometric design might just be your perfect solution. An eye-catching focal point, it can be crafted to your taste, whether you’re looking to inject bright and bold colours into your decor or grey tones to an already colourful room. And while it might look like a professional hand is needed to create those perfect lines, the opposite is true.

All it takes to create this unique wall art is seven simple steps to wow your friends and family.

Here’s what you’ll need:

● A step ladder
● A roll of Frogtape
● Two or three contrasting emulsion paints
● A small roller and tray
● A fine paintbrush


Step 1

Prepare your wall by filling in any holes and gaps with filler. Sand down until smooth.

Then draw your plan on a piece of paper and stick it to your wall. It’s much easier to create your pattern if you have a physical reference to always go back to.

Step 2

To create an outline of your design, mark your points with a pencil and use a ruler to link your points with ultra straight lines. Try not to create lines that are difficult to remove; use a light hand when drawing with a pencil.

Step 3

Place Frogtape along your outline to mask the wall. And if you’ve recently painted, pick a delicate tape to reduce the risk of ruining all that hard work.

Step 4

Take a rubber and gently remove all traces of pencil so your lines won’t show through your final design.

Step 5

Time for the fun part! Carefully pour paint into a tray and layer your roller with your chosen colour. Avoid drippage by removing excess paint.

Using a steady hand, move the roller over the masking tape, right up to the edge of your outline. This will give your geometric design crisp lines once you remove the Frog tape.

Top Tip!

Remove the risk of going over the edge of your design by using a small brush on tight corners where the Frogtape meets.

Step 6

Leave your paint to dry for at least two hours. Then apply a new coat to make sure your colours appear bright and bold.

If you’re creating overlapping or adjacent shapes, wait 24 hours for your paint to completely dry and then place tape over your chosen area.

The finish line

The finale is very satisfying. Slowly pull off your tape to reveal your sharp and professionally looking geometric design. All that’s left to do is admire your artistic mastery (and clean up…).

Ready to connect with your creative side?

The beauty of designing a geometric wall is that, by following these easy steps, the finished piece will look perfectly crafted. What’s more, you get to choose the colours, the size and the angles of your project to make it entirely individual to you.

My final word? Observe the prominent colours used in your current decor. Then decide on your shades and hues to create the perfect colour scheme.

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