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How to enjoy winter in the UK

While the cold weather might make some of us jump for joy and begin our next Netflix binge, there are plenty of reasons to get out the house. Staying active and healthy in winter can not only help you fight off colds and flu but can also benefit your mental health too. Here are just a handful of activities to enjoy in the winter-time.

Winter walks
There’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing. If you wrap up warm enough then you can enjoy a day out trekking and hiking no matter what the weather’s like. Not only will you get to enjoy crisp and fresh air, but you’ll likely get to enjoy the countryside with smaller crowds.

Ski trips
The UK has a great selection of ski and snowboarding resorts without the added costs that come with flying abroad.  Places like Glenshee offer 25 miles of downhill runs over four impressive mountain tops. Lecht, Aberdeenshire offers smaller beginner-friendly routes and the Nevis Range at Fort William boasts remarkable scenery for both skiers and snowboarders. These are just a few of course and there are many more resorts dotted around the UK.

Christmas Markets
Inspired by traditional German Christmas markets, many cities in the UK including Bath, Lincoln, Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester now host their own festive stalls throughout their streets. Visitors can enjoy seasonal music, hot food and drinks, entertainment and stalls selling a wide variety of Christmas gifts and other curiosities.

Museums and galleries
Trips to the seaside and country parks might be less fun in the winter but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. There are literally hundreds of galleries, museums and theatres around the country for you to visit and many of which are free. Check sites like Trip Advisor for some of the best in your local area and soak up some culture for the day.

Cosy pubs
British pubs are something to enjoy all year long, but they particularly come into their own in the winter months, offering respite from the cold and rain. Hunker down in a nice country pub with a roaring fire, sample some local ales and tuck into some classic pub food and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

What activities do you take part in to warn off the winter blues? Let us know by connecting on social media at @TimeForYouGroup.

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