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How to make more time for holidays and travel

For some people travel is an addiction. Backpacking around the world, trekking through jungles or up mountains or simply soaking up the sun on a tropical beach are vital ingredients for a happy life. While you may have a bucket list longer than your arm, it’s not always as simple as just picking a destination and going there.  For most of us, the constraints of work, family and finances mean that the prospect of visiting far off foreign lands becomes nothing more than a pipedream. However, in this blog we’ll show you a few tips and tricks to help you travel further and more often – without winning the lottery.

Be clever with holiday planning
If you work for someone else the chances are you are limited in the amount of holiday you can take. One of the easiest ways to maximise your holidays are to plan them around bank holidays and public holidays. Using this technique you can stretch a mid-week holiday further and only use up a few days of your allocated annual leave. While it might not win you many friends at work, it will guarantee more travel with less.  

Use work to your advantage
Another way that you can get more travel in is too use your job to your advantage. Look for opportunities to get outside the office. For example if you have a business trip you could take a couple of day afterwards to explore areas nearby that you always wanted to go to. You could also approach your bosses about the possibility of remote working – one of the best ways to travel so long as you can find a good internet connection. Try and get out the office wherever possible.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew
One of the easiest ways to have a disappointing holiday is to try and cram too much in. Holidays are best enjoyed at a slow, mindful pace. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do exciting things – just that you should try and soak up as much of each destination you visit as possible. If for example your goal is to experience authentic Thailand, then trying to traverse the whole countryside and islands in just a couple of weeks will never work.

Ask yourself how much you really want to travel. You might not think you have much time for exploring but if you look hard you may see it really starts to add up. Well, at least it does when you take away personal engagements, birthdays, nights out and other activities. Of course, there are many personal obligations that we just can’t say no to – and we wouldn’t want too – but by having a real audit of your engagements you may be able to free up a little more space for holidaying.

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