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How to organise your shed

Posted: 25/04/2023

If your shed is crowded and disorganised, finding what you need will be a difficult and time-consuming task.

It may seem like a big job, but dedicating some time to getting your shed organised will save you time and effort in the long run, as you will be able to find and grab what you need more easily, and will help you to make the best use of your shed.

Sheds can easily become an oversized junk drawer, filled with sports equipment, games, appliances, tools, mowers, wheelbarrows, pots, compost, and more. Get your shed in order with these storage solutions and organisation tips for both small and large sheds.

Make an inventory

As is with most cleaning projects, it tends to get worse before it gets better. The first thing you need to do when organising your shed is take a look at everything that is in there. To do this, you will need to get everything out so that you can see and sort it all.

Cut out clutter

Now that everything is out of the shed, take the time to go through it and cut out the clutter. This is a step that should take considerable time if you are truly going to address the mess.

Get rid of old paint cans and other rubbish that has accumulated. Donate anything you no longer need or any duplicate items that are still functional and in a decent condition.

Consider whether items are better suited to being in the house or garage rather than the shed. Take into consideration whether items are sensitive to temperature, moisture, or pests. Documents, clothing, and soft furnishings may be damaged in the shed.

Sort into groups

Once you have reduced the number of items going back into the shed, sort through everything and arrange your belongings into groups.

Group items into categories, such as gardening tools, seasonal decor, and sporting equipment. This will help when it comes to storing and finding items in your shed.

Improve your storage

Before you start to fill your shed back up, consider whether your previously used storage systems are adequate and functional.

If you have been using cardboard boxes to store items in, or if any containers or shelves are damaged, throw these out and replace them with good-quality storage boxes or bins, or shelving.

If you are putting items in containers, you may want to add labels to help you locate items quickly and easily.

Think about utilising the wall space in your shed. You could hang your gardening tools such as forks and spades on hooks, and install a magnetic strip to store other DIY tools such as wrenches and hammers.

Keep it tidy

Once you have got your shed organised, take care to keep it tidy and clutter-free. Avoid falling back into bad habits - ensure you put items away in their proper place after using them.

Before you put anything new in the shed, consider whether that is the best place for it and, if so, where it will be stored.

For help getting organised and keeping your home clean and tidy, you may want to consider hiring someone to take care of the cleaning and ironing for you.

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