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How to refresh your home on a budget

Over time it can be easy to get bored of the way your home looks. Yet the prospect of having to completely redecorate or refurnish is both time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is not always a possibility. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing that can be done. Here, we discuss how to refresh your home on a budget.

Change your cushions and duvet covers

Start with something simple like changing your sofa cushions or changing your bedding. This may seem like a small change but it can make a huge difference. Swapping your sofa cushions for a different style can help add different textures and colours into the room. The bedding has the same effect. If you feel like your current bedding is drab and dull, why not go bold and go for something bright or with an amazing pattern on it? The best things about changing your soft furnishings are that they are inexpensive and are an instant change. If you don’t like how the end result looks, you can quickly change it.

Buy a new rug

Following the theme of really quick changes, why not consider buying a new rug or swapping your old one? Rugs can transform the look of a room and help make it feel a lot cosier. With a range of materials, colours, shapes, designs and sizes, there are rugs to suit any room.

Create a statement wall

If you want to add colour to your walls but don’t fancy having to paint an entire room, simply opt for a statement wall. Whether you want it to be a block of colour or a pretty wallpaper, the options are almost endless and the results can be stunning. If you want to change the colour of the wall, it will be easier to paint just one wall and means you can keep it looking fresh.

Create a gallery wall

If you don’t fancy changing the colour of the walls, you can still transform them by creating a gallery wall. Choose your favourite photos and get them printed and framed. You can opt for all the same size for a grid effect. Alternatively, you can choose a range of sized prints and photos for a gallery wall that will make an amazing impact.

Add shelves

Again, if you don’t want to change the colour of your walls, you can add some floating shelves or picture shelves to add a focal point and make the walls look more interesting. Use them to store books, frames, ornaments, house plants and more - whatever you have that you want on display. Once you feel like you need a refresh, quickly change them around for a completely new look.

Change curtains

Similar to your duvet cover and cushions, your curtains are another easy way to transform a room. Go for a different colour or material and you will quickly notice a difference. If you want to go one step further why not get rid of the curtains completely and choose blinds instead? They can make the room look completely different and are relatively low cost.

Go green

Try adding houseplants to your room to make it feel fresh and add a pop of green. Worried you will just kill them immediately? You can now buy a range of faux plants that look so realistic no-one will ever be able to tell.

All of these changes can make a huge impact and transform the feel of the room without you having to spend obscene amounts of money. Doing some, if not all of the tips on this list can make your home feel completely different. The best news is that these changes do not have to be daunting or need a lot of specialist skills to complete. Plus, many of these can even be used for people who are renting and therefore feel like they cannot make any changes to their home.

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