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How To Remove Pet Hair From Around Your Home

Pets are wonderful companions but there is no denying that the hair they leave around the home is less than wonderful, especially those stubborn hairs you just cannot seem to get rid of. Read on for advice on how to remove pet hair from around your home.

Use a suitable vacuum

You should use a vacuum instead of a sweeping brush or cloth to get rid of pet hair, as a vacuum will not spread dust, germs and pet hair into the air like a brush or cloth would.

If you are still seeing pet hair after you have vacuumed your floors and soft furnishings, chances are you are not using a suitable vacuum. Some vacuums are much more effective at removing pet hair than others as they have increased suction power, and better nozzle attachments.

So, make sure you do your research before buying a new vacuum. You may even want to opt for an anti-hair wrap vacuum if your pet has long fur or sheds a lot.

Use a squeegee

If your vacuum is not up to the task, try using a window squeegee. Run a squeegee back and forth along sofas and carpets to bring out any stubborn hairs. The rubber will bring the hairs to the surface and into little piles or clumps which you can vacuum or pick up.

This is a really simple and effective trick but try not to do it too often as it can damage your sofa or carpet fibres if done excessively.

Use damp rubber gloves

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and dampen them before running them over clothes and fabric-covered items, such as pillows and sofas. The friction between the items and the gloves will create static energy which causes pet hair to lift off the fabric and stick to the gloves.

Use sticky tape

Cut off a length of sticky tape, such as sellotape or parcel tape, and dab or pat it several times on hard or soft surfaces to lift up pet hair. The hair will stick to the sticky side of the tape. The stronger the tape, the more hair it will lift and more easily. When the tape stops picking up hair, simply get a new piece of tape.

Add a softener to your washing

When washing items, such as blankets, bedding or rugs, which are covered in pet hair, in the washing machine. Add around half a cup of liquid water softener or white vinegar to help loosen the hair in the washing machine.

Reduce shedding

To reduce the amount of pet hair you will need to clean up, you should regularly groom your pet, or have them groomed, to stop them shedding as much. Brush your pet outside if you can, to prevent the hair from getting on things inside the house. You could also try lint rolling your pet to collect up any loose hairs before they shed off.

If you are struggling to remove pet hair from your home, or would simply prefer to leave it to the professionals, you may want to consider hiring a cleaner to take care of your cleaning for you.

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