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How to use Google Sheets to keep your life organised

What do all super-organised, methodical people rely on the most? Is it a diary? No. Is it post it notes? No. Copious amounts of coffee? No. The answer is a good old-fashioned spreadsheet!

While Microsoft Excel is certainly the most established form of spreadsheet software for managing your life, Google Sheets is the new kid on the block and we rate it highly. Here are a few reasons why we think it rocks.

  1. Realtime updates
    Let’s say you manage a children’s sports team as a hobby and you want to keep players and parents updated with the latest fixtures and training events. With Google Sheets anyone you have shared the spreadsheet link with will get real-time updates every time you need to change or add a date. This means that you no longer have to waste time sending out emails every time you want to make a tiny update.

  2. Avoiding duplication
    With Excel, you could quite easily get lost in a sea of spreadsheets. If you prepared a sheet then sent it to a colleague, friend or family member and they made some changes and sent it back to you it could be very easy to end up in a mess of duplicate copies. With Google Sheets all the changes can be seen as they are made so there is no need to make secondary versions.

  3. Everyday uses
    Spreadsheets aren’t just for data boffins. Everyone can find a use for a spreadsheet. Want to track your spending habits and manage your monthly budget? You can do it with a spreadsheet. Want to make a rota for household chores such as washing the dishes? You can do it with a spreadsheet. Want to help your children keep track of their revision tasks and homework? You can do it with a spreadsheet.

  4. 100’s of templates for you to choose from
    Spreadsheets can help you organize so many things in your life from family calendars to budgeting and even wedding planning - the uses are endless. However, it’s not always easy to know where to start which is where Google’s Sheet Template Gallery comes into its own. Here you can browse a ton of templates with all kinds of uses pre-made, editable and ready to go.

Simple spreadsheets can be a powerful tool for organizing both your work and your daily life. Being able to see what you’ve done already, so you don’t repeat yourself, organizing tasks in a logical way and having somewhere to store good ideas can all make your life a lot less stressful. So, give, Google Sheets a spin and let us know if you find it useful by tweeting us at @TimeForYouGroup.

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