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Juicing on a budget

Understandably one of the most common reasons that people are hesitant about taking up juicing or a smoothie diet is the cost. While the benefits of introducing more fruit and vegetables are pretty clear – better skin, digestion, weight loss and more – people naturally worry that filling their shopping trolley full of organic fruit and vegetables is going to make a big dent in their finances. However, if you go about things the right way then it’s more than possible to do juicing on the cheap. Here are some of our favourite tips that we want to share with you.

#1 – Plan your diet
A great way to save money on juicing is to be mindful about what you are buying. It’s quite easy to wander around the supermarket and pick up various exotic fruits and vegetables but it’s often an unnecessary cost.  By planning out your weekly drinks and then purchasing only what you actually need then you’ll cut down drastically on your shopping bill. Sit down the night before your weekly shop and put together 3-4 different recipes that you enjoy and buy only those ingredients.

#2 – Buy in bulk
Another good way to cut down on costs is to buy what you need in bulk. Instead of going back to the shop every evening to pick up more bananas or spinach simply buy large amounts during your weekly shop which will be more affordable than buying smaller amounts individually. Once you get home you can prepare your ingredients, chop them into smaller pieces and freeze them for a later date.

#3 – Buy frozen ingredients
Mixed bags of berries, frozen spinach, pineapple and other ingredients are readily available from supermarkets. Not only do they free up valuable space in your fridge, they last longer and can save you money in the long run. The only downside is that frozen fruit is rarely organic, but if you are trying to save money then you may have to make some small concessions. While non-organic fruit and vegetable is not as good for you as organically grown, it’s still better than having hardly any fruit and veg in your diet at all!

#4 – Buy local
You can get some great deals from local farmers and independent markets. It’s normally much easier to buy in bulk, you can find out all about their growing practices and you may even be able to haggle for an even cheaper haul!

#5 – Grow your own
Probably the single cheapest way to juice is to grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden, greenhouse or allotment. Growing your own spinach, cucumbers and carrots is relatively simple and easy to do in the UK and you may also have some success with fruits and berries too.

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