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Kid’s Room Organisation: Creating Order In Playful Spaces

Having children is just the best thing, and they turn your world upside down (mainly for the better!). One thing that they always struggle to master is cleaning up after themselves, and putting things away when they are finished with them. This is not only frustrating but can also be incredibly painful… Lego is one of the most painful things to accidentally stand on! So how on earth can you keep your kid’s room organised without having to do all the work yourself? Read on to find out!

Contain The Space

When it comes to organising a kid’s room, it is important to find a system that is exciting for them, and that they understand. Once you have nailed those two aspects, the room should stay clean and tidy regularly. If you don’t have space for a specific ‘playroom’ that is not a problem, you just need to set an area up in your home where your kids can play and leave their toys. This will give them a sense of ownership and will be less likely to scatter their toys over the entire house!

Within this zoned space, you also need to contain the items. For bulky toys such as stuffed animals and train sets, store these in large baskets on the floor so they are easily accessible. For puzzles & games, these are easily contained within their own packaging so these are perfect for storing on shelves. For small, specific items such as Lego, Barbie dolls & accessories, stackable shoe boxes or modular storage drawers are great for these. You can even add sticky labels onto the boxes so your child won’t end up rifling through all the boxes to find what they are looking for.

Sort By Colour

Sorting toys out in order of the colours of the rainbow is a really fun way to encourage your child to tidy up after themselves. It creates a creative space to play, but also looks stylish to adults visiting your home too. By arranging books and art supplies by colour, your kid will automatically know where each item is stored. This arrangement also turns cleaning up into a fun activity as everything is sorted by colour. The more fun you can make tidying, the tidier your house should stay!

Declutter Regularly

Kids get bored of toys so quickly, it is important to keep things refreshed regularly. If you can afford to, swap your kid’s toys over a couple of times a year. Not only can you send some toys to the charity shop, but you can also pick new toys up from there (to help save the pennies).

Kids naturally gather a lot of clutter, and you will need to be careful when removing toys so you don’t trigger a temper tantrum! Try to involve them in the decluttering process, as this will help them understand the purpose of getting rid of some of their toys. Also explain to them that they will be helping children who aren’t as fortunate as they are, by giving the toys to charity.

Have A Drop Zone

While most of the toys will have their own specific place in your kid’s room, it is a really good idea to include a ‘drop zone’ too. This means that if your kid hasn’t quite got the hang of putting toys back from where they picked them up, they can simply drop the toy they are playing within a box when they are finished. This prevents them from being left scattered all over the floor, and cleaning up is a much faster process. All you have to do is grab the basket and return the items to where they belong.

We hope this has given you some inspiration on how to keep your kid’s room as tidy as possible. If you are struggling to find the time to clean your home, get in touch with your local Time For You cleaner who can help you out.

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