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Perfect Spring Projects to Update Your Home

With spring comes new beginnings. Now that you have given your home a spring clean, it is the perfect time to start those home improvement projects you have been putting off and give your home a complete refresh.

You do not need to carry out major home renovations or massive DIY projects to make your home feel renewed. Here are just a few ideas for some spring projects that can help to spruce up your home ready for summer.

Add Pops of Colour

Bring some colour to your bedroom and living room by adding some colourful new throw pillows, blankets, and vases to the mix.

Paint Brick and Woodwork

Add a lick of light-coloured paint to your fireplace or wooden furniture to freshen and brighten up your living space.

Add a Rug

Laying a rug down can completely transform a room. Rugs add colour, texture, dimension, and warmth to a room. Pick out colours from a multi-coloured rug and add décor in coordinating shades to really tie the room together. This is one of the quickest spring projects but makes a huge impact.

Light Up a Room

Switch out your existing light shades for bright, bold light fixtures which can lighten up a space, and add some statement lamps.

Spruce Up Cabinets

Simply painting your cabinets can transform your cupboards and bring a whole new lease of life to your kitchen.

Put Up Mirrors

Hanging mirrors up in a room can give the illusion of a larger, more open space, and are great for filling up blank walls.

Reupholster Chairs

If you have got upholstered chairs, you could try your hand at reupholstering to renew them and brighten them up. It is not as difficult as you may think and can be much cheaper than buying new chairs!

Decorate the Table

Put a tablecloth or runner on your dining table to transform your dining table and add a splash of colour to the room. Make a statement with some candlesticks or a centrepiece.

Add Some Greenery

Get some plants to dot around the house. They can help to make a house feel like a home and bring some literal life to your home. If you have lost some plants to the harsh winter season, now is the best time to replace them.

Make sure you get plants that suit the conditions of the room they are going in to prevent them from not making it through to summer.

Donate or Recycle

Whilst doing your spring cleaning, you will undoubtedly have found a lot of things that you no longer need. Donate or recycle your unwanted electrical items, homewares, clothing, and shoes. Clearing out your unneeded items will help to make your home feel much fresher.

Makeover the Front Door

Putting all this effort into the interior of your home seems a little wasted if the outside does not reflect the inside. Give your front door a makeover with some exterior paint and some new door furniture. You could even get a fancy new door knocker.

Paint the Fences

Simply painting the fences and gates around your house can really freshen up the exterior of your home.

Power Wash

Go around the outside of your home and power wash your windows, drive, and patio, to get rid of any mould or moss and make it look clean and renewed.

Keep the Home Clean

After you have finished your spring cleaning, it is important to then keep up with the cleaning. Once you have done all the hard work, it should be easy to stay on top of it. Little and often cleaning, even just 10 to 15 minutes per day of tidying and cleaning, will help to keep your home clean.

Your free time is valuable, and you may not want to spend it cleaning your home. If you feel like you could do with some professional help in cleaning your home, hire a domestic cleaner.

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