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Places You’re Forgetting To Clean In Your Home

Posted: 25/08/2023

No matter how long you spend cleaning your home, there are always those little nooks and crannies that you forget about and before you know it there are cobwebs on your ceiling and crumbs behind your sofa. Cleaning is the one thing we all tend to put off as it is, so adding to that list can make the job even more daunting.

Although it may sound a bit boring, the best way to keep on top of your home cleaning is by creating daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checklists. This means that you can easily add on little bits here and there, rather than having to do a full deep clean of your house every few months. First off, you need to make sure you have all the right cleaning supplies in your cupboards. Otherwise, you really will keep putting it off!

Let’s dive into some of the top places you’re forgetting to clean in your home:

Door frames & walls

This applies to both internal and external doors. Have you had a look at your bathroom door lately and noticed the dirty fingerprints above the handle where you push the door open?! The handle itself may need a bit of cleaning too, they tend to smear easily with a bit of condensation from inside the bathroom.

Remember to clean your patio doors, and check for any dirt, leaves, or gravel that can build up inside the tracks. Any nonabrasive cleaning products are good for door frames & walls, just be careful not to scrub too hard or the paint may start peeling away.

Underneath appliances

Unfortunately, that does mean moving your washing machine out of its cubby hole once in a while! You will be surprised how many crumbs and other items may have been hiding underneath your kitchen appliances (particularly your fridge freezer). Just be careful when moving them out that you don’t tug on any wires too hard & pull your appliances out from their sockets.

Window tracks

You probably already clean the inside of your windows, and have a window cleaner to take care of the outside. However, you might notice in summer when you open your windows that there are lots of bugs and insects in the track where the window meets the frame. A quick brush with a dustpan brush should flick all of this out nicely, and for anything that has got a bit engrained, use a damp sponge.

Kitchen extractor fans

The hood above your extractor fan is probably something that you never think about cleaning (or just give it a once over with a duster when you remember). It is crucial to keep this clean though, to allow the free flow of air within the filters. A build-up of dust and grease can very quickly become a fire hazard, so a deep clean every once in a while will prevent this. Make sure you degrease the ventilation hood, microwave filters and vents, and any other appliances that you use for cooking food.

Bed frames & under beds

Other than cleaning your sheets regularly, you probably don’t think about any dust or dirt that has crept underneath your bed, but a quick flip of your mattress may leave you in shock! Dust can still get in between the slats under your bed, as well as sitting on the headboard too so a quick hoover around these areas will help spruce your bed up again. If you can fit storage boxes under your bed, pull those out and give them a little dust too.

Light fixtures

Ceiling light fittings are a complete dust trap. Take care and stand on a sturdy chair or ladder to dust your light fittings, and make sure you hoover up afterward as it will all fall to the floor!

Toothbrush holder

Now if you are grossed out easily, you may want to clean your toothbrush holder on a weekly (or even daily basis). You will be amazed at the grime that collects at the bottom, so make sure you give your toothbrush holder a regular scrub out with warm, soapy water.

Lawn mower

Cleaning your home applies to external items that may be hidden in your garage too! One of the best ways to prolong the life of your electrical appliances is to regularly clean them. Lawnmowers are the main culprit when it comes to grubby equipment as they collect grass and soil so easily within the blades. Of course please make sure your lawn mower isn’t plugged in while you are cleaning it, and then give it a good scrub with soapy water and a stiff brush. For those engrained clumps of grass, you may need a pressure wash too.

Shower curtain

To be honest, shower curtains are incredibly hard to keep clean due to the limescale that builds up on them. It is often easier to buy cheap shower curtains and replace them regularly, but if you do want to clean the stains off simply pop them in the washing machine. Add your normal detergent and a cup of baking soda and they will soon look sparkling clean again.

Sofa throws and blankets

Whether on your bed or couch, throws tend to attract quite a lot of dust, dirt, and food particles so therefore require washing regularly. Most of them you can pop into the washing machine, but give them a quick vacuum first to get rid of the worst of the dirt.

If you are looking at this list and thinking that you have bitten off more than you can chew, why not get in touch with your local Time For You cleaner? Our professional team will have your house looking shiny & clean in no time at all.