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Quick Ways to Tidy your Home

Love having a spotless house but hate tidying up and cleaning? It would be great if we could wave a magic wand or click our fingers and it all be done, but unfortunately, that is not possible. However, you do not have to spend hours a day labouring away to have a clean and tidy home. Here are some quick ways to tidy your home.

Assign Everything A Home

Ensure that everything you own has a place in your home. Knowing everything has a set place and knowing where that is will make it easier and quicker to tidy everything away. Anything new that comes into your home must also have a place.

Sort Your Belongings

Take time to go through everything you have and determine whether you should keep it, donate it, or get rid of it. This will help with decluttering. The less you have, the less there will be to tidy away so the quicker you will get it done.

Clear Away Clutter

Before cleaning, you should go through the house and clear away any clutter and remove any potential obstructions.

Keep Supplies Together

One way to speed things up is to store all of your cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment together. Gather them all together in a portable storage container such as a caddy or basket to easily carry things around your home.

Make A Plan

Plan out what you are going to do before you do it. Making a to-do list and working your way through it can be satisfying, help you to stay focussed, and ensure you do not forget to do anything.

Small Steps

Try not to do too much at once. Checking off one thing on the list is better than not doing anything at all.

Set A Timer

If you only have a limited amount of time, determine what tasks are most important and set a timer then work through tasks in order of priority without any distractions. You could set different timers for different tasks or rooms.

Do One Thing Everywhere

Instead of focusing on one room at a time, do one task, such as dusting and polishing or cleaning the floors, in every room throughout the house. It is easier to get stuck into one task and do that in every room than to do the whole cleaning process in one room to then do it in another room not long after. It will make it go much quicker as you get into the rhythm of it and you will not need to change tools and cleaning solutions several times.

Get Others Involved

Make tidying a team effort. If you can get other people involved it will make things go a lot quicker, plus it can make it more fun. You could delegate by room or by task, so one person could do all of the dusting and polishing, or all of the hoovering and mopping, for example.

Listen To Music

Having music on in the background can also help to make tidying up more enjoyable and to help take your mind off the task at hand.

Hire A Professional

If you are short on time, or would simply prefer to leave it to the professionals, you may want to consider hiring a cleaner to take care of your cleaning and ironing for you.

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