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Secret uses for olive oil around the home

Olive oil has been known to be a great addition to the kitchen, but cooking is not the only use. Here we discuss the secret uses for olive oil for cleaning and beauty that will convince you that olive oil should be a staple item in your home.

Protect wooden cutting boards
Place a thin layer of olive oil onto your wooden kitchen utensils and chopping boards. Leave it to soak into the wood for 5 minutes and then buff using a soft cloth. This treatment can help prevent cracking and discolouration so you can get the most use out of your utensils.

Slow down tarnishing
Whilst olive oil cannot stop tarnishing happening entirely, it can help slow down the process. Place a small amount on a cloth and then rub onto silver. It slows down the oxidation process and can help keep your silver shiny.

Remove sticky labels
It can be frustrating when you buy something from the shop and you struggle to get the label off, meaning you are left with a sticky patch. Add some olive oil and leave for 15 minutes. This will help make it easier to remove the rest of the label.

Fix squeaky hinges
Add a few drops of olive oil to a squeaky hinge. It should help remove the annoying sound.

Shine shoes
Add a small amount of olive oil onto your shoes with a soft cloth to help keep them shiny. Just ensure you are careful you do not apply to sued or other sensitive materials.

Razor blades
Help make razor blades last longer by adding olive oil. It can help prevent rust occurring. Just ensure you dry the blades off thoroughly before you use them.

Hair Treatment
Hair masks are growing in popularity, but did you know you could swap out these fancy hair products for something much simpler like olive oil? Warm the olive oil slightly by using the microwave and apply generously into the ends of the hair as well as the scalp. Leave it to soak into your hair for 10 to 15 minutes before you shampoo and wash it out.

Eye Makeup Remover
It may seem counter-intuitive to add oil to your face, however olive oil sticks onto other oil-based products so it can help remove stubborn makeup, especially eye makeup. Use this as a step in your beauty routine to make sure your makeup is completely removed.

Help combat ear wax
If you are prone to getting build ups of ear wax try using olive oil. Place a few drops of oil into your ear each night for a few consecutive nights. This helps to loosen any excess wax and is a great alternative to shop-bought remedies.

Heal skin
If you suffer from eczema or cracked heels, try using olive oil. Its sensitive on your skin and helps provide moisture. Once you have treated your feet with a pumice stone, apply olive oil and place socks on for an effective overnight treatment.

Lip Scrub
Add olive oil to some sugar to create your own sugar lip scrub. Add a splash of lemon juice for added flavour if you wish. The scrub is exfoliating and moisturising that can help combat chapped lips.

Clean makeup brushes
Create your own DIY makeup brush cleaner by adding olive oil to double the amount of antibacterial soap. Try and do this at least once a month to keep your brushes clean and last longer.

These are just some of the ways you can use olive oil across your home for cleaning and beauty. Although this list is not extensive, it shows you how versatile this ingredient is and should be at the top of your shopping list.

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