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Spring Jobs In The Garden

With spring comes warmer weather and lighter evenings, making for a great time to get started on getting our gardens tidied up after the winter.

Here are some simple gardening jobs that you can do in spring to prepare for the coming warmer months so that you can enjoy a lovely garden in summer.

Tidy your garden

You should start off by tidying your garden. Clear away any debris, and remove weeds and dead plants. Ensure that weeds and their roots are removed entirely from the soil to help prevent them from re-developing.

Tend to your plants

Before planting any new bulbs or seeds, first, focus on the plants that you already have in your garden. Ensure they are getting as much or as little sunlight and water as they need.

If you have any trees or shrubs, early spring is typically the ideal time to prune back old wood and trim any broken or dead branches to help keep them healthy.

Revive your lawn

After winter, your lawn probably looks to be in poor condition. Mow your lawn and put grass seed down in any damaged areas. Sow your grass seed when the temperature is between 13oC and 18oC for the best results.

Start composting

Make composting a priority for your garden. If this is not something you already do, then be sure to start this year to reap the benefits. Composting can make the soil more fertile and efficient.

Keep compost in a bin, rather than having an open heap, to better retain warmth and moisture and to make a better compost faster.

Grow your own vegetables

There are a few vegetables that thrive when planted early in the year. Give plants such as tomatoes and potatoes a head start by planting them in pots and keeping them indoors, placed on a warm windowsill, until mid-spring when it is warmer outside.

Sow hardier plants such as onions and garlic outside straight away in free-draining soil, in an area that is warm, sunny, and sheltered from strong winds.

Edge your borders

Grass often spreads into borders during winter. Remove the overgrowth and edge your borders in early spring, before the grass creeps further into your flower beds and it becomes difficult to tell where grass should or should not be.

Plant summer-flowering plants

Spring is an ideal time for planting many summer-flowering bulbs, such as dahlias, gladioli, peonies, and lilies, which provide beautiful blooms.

You can plant them in borders or containers, and they will add colour and beauty to your garden in just a few months. They also make wonderful cut flowers that you can put in vases so you can also admire them in your home.

These tips will help prepare your garden for summer so that you can enjoy time outdoors in the warmer months.

Spring is not only a great time for tidying up outside but also inside the house too. Check out our ultimate spring cleaning checklist to help you get your home looking its best.

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